Apr 29, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a first for both Angelique and I. It is her first field trip and my first time to chaperone a field trip. I am a little apprehensive about having 5 6 year olds (4 of them not mine) under my solo supervision for a full day at the zoo. I can just hear the arguments now. "I want to see the zebras next...No I want to see the sea lions next...But I'm not done looking at the elephants.

I am praying that I am making this out to be way worse in my head than it actually will be.

On a completely different note...I found out the other day that Angelique had a picture she drew at school go to the rodeo and win a ribbon for excellence and it is now haning in the main hall of the school with her picture next to it. If we had known about it we would have made sure to make it to the Rodeo this year, but to Angelique its not a big deal...It's just something she drew on the first and second day of school. I think she picks the wrong things to be modest about sometimes.

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Harrell Family said...

I'll be praying for sanity for you :) Let me know how it goes :)