May 15, 2009

To blog, or not to blog

Today I feel the need to blog, but really have nothing I feel the need to put out there. So what I will do is tell the world about my week.

Monday: Clint had to work late. I looked like rain it was going to rain, so I kept the kids inside (insert image of me pulling my hair out) and then it never did rain. Didn't really feel like cooking (already hairless by that point), so we had chili dogs for dinner.

Tuesday: Got home, rode bikes down the street. Went to the book fair at Angelique's school. Ryan called while we were there and asked if we wanted to get fitted for our dresses for Lana's wedding. So, we headed to David's Bridal, got the girls dresses out of the way and sent them to Sonic with Clint. Ryan and I tried on all 3 of the options Lana had given us and decided none were flattering and pursued the option of dresses in a different material. Found the ones we liked and then got permission from Lana to pick off her list. It took a little convincing. Headed home for a late dinner of 3 bean soup and broccoli cheese and rice.

Wednesday: Family dinner at Clint's dad's. The homemade Gumbo was really good. Clint stayed late to spend time with his dad and I headed home with the kids.

Thursday: Whew a night at home...Not so fast dinner at Clint's moms. Good dinner. Vacation discussion (when are we leaving, are we stopping on the way, vehicle arrangements), Livingston property care discussion (who is going up there this weekend to mow?), Etc.

Friday: Hopefully tonight we are actually staying home and I will start working on cleaning my house.

This Weekend: My house will be cleaned!!! We need to finish shopping for the river trip (whoo-hoo Guadalupe) next weekend. I am serving on Sunday and we have group Sunday night. I miss group.

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