Jun 8, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Wow, I have hardly had a free minute in the last several weeks. We have done so much, I have to look at my calendar just to remember what all we have been up to.

I'll start with Memorial Weekend and our traditional Guadalupe River trip. Awesome road trip and fun time on Canyon Lake (I got up on the wake board the first time and every time I tried!). Low part (literally) of the trip was the river itself. Canyon Lake was 14 feet below conservation levels so no water coming out of the dam to feed the river. It was so low we had to walk most of it and it took about 7 hours to make the trip (usally done in 4).

The following weekend started with Angelique's Kindergarden Celebration. She was one of only 2 kids in her class who had perfect attendance. They also gave out personality "awards" and she was given "Leader of the Pack"! This came as a suprise to me because when we are around groups she is typically very quiet and clingy. The rest of the weekend was spent at a friend's graduation party and No Doubt concert! We had a great time.

Three days later back to the Woodland Pavilion again for my little brothers HS graduation. Got there just after it started because I didn't get off work early and it had been a rainy day, so more traffic than usual. Got to see Stuart walk the stage, but then had to leave to get my kids home and in bed for Angelique's last day of school.

This past weekend we made our final reservations for Disney World and bought our park tickets. Saturday included one of our friend's children's birthday pool party. Angelique became a hero, and doesn't understand what the big deal is. Gibby (Gibson - 2 in Sept) managed to get out to the pool when a door was left open. Clint was out there with the bigger kids, but pre-occupied getting sunscreen and taking off his shirt, etc. when Gibby walked right into the pool. Ang was there and scooped him up and got someone to come get him from her. She did an awesome job (and is really tired of us talking about it). I am so proud of her.

This week we will spend our time getting ready to leave for FL which we are doing on Friday evening. Wish us luck!

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