Jun 29, 2009


I am a little late getting to blogging about our vacation. We have already been back for a week, but in my defense it has been a hectic week.

Every summer we try to plan a big family vacation. Two years ago we took a cruise to Cozumel and Progresso. Last year we flew to an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta. This is the 3rd year and we went to Walt Disney World. It was both very fun and a lot of work, not to mention extremely hot!!! I think this is the best one yet.

Angelique's favorite thing was meeting Ariel (those pics are on my camera), and Christian's was meeting Donald Duck. When we went to see him, Christian tried to give Donald a hi-five, but missed and hit his bill. It was very sweet and funny watching him love on Donald where he "hurt" him!

Both of the kids had a blast meeting Captain Hook and Smee and also getting to dress up like a pirate!

We rented a house close to the parks, so that we would be able to make some of our own meals, be able to be in the pool whenever we wanted, and have plenty of room. This was probably the best choice we could have made. The only problem we had was discomfort of the mattresses.
I think we have decided to take a year off from our big vacations (to save enough to go to Hawaii). We have to find something that will to the great time we had this year. We have already decided that we will be doing Disney again, but we will wait about 6 years so the kids will be big enough to push us around in strollers:)

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