Jul 30, 2009

Art Collection

One of the things that I have enjoyed collecting over the last few years is different pieces of art work. We typically only acquire 1 nice piece every year or two.

My absolute favorite I discovered as a framed print in a flea market in Florida about 10 years ago. It is a piece by Renoir called "The Boating Party". I fell in love with this particular one mainly because it represented each one of my friends (might as well be family) in the painting. A few years ago for Christmas my husband managed to find it on canvas for me and it is absolutely beautiful - I am still waiting for him to get it framed - I think I may have to do it, but then he'll loose brownie points for an incomplete gift (JK).

Some of the other pieces we have are 2 Chris Consani prints - "Legal Action" and "Highway 51". These are great pieces that feature several stars of the 40's and 50's together in different locals. There are also little things hidden in the art, some more obvious than others.

We have also picked up a few oil paintings from our local "Starving Artist" sales. These are great because we get to support local talent and find seascapes which we love (duh...we live on the gulf coast). We are still looking for a large painting of a sailboat at full mast for our living room, but half the fun is going to the shows and looking.

Yesterday Clint called me at work to tell me he had come across some work my Michael Godard that he really liked. We had recently seen his work in a gallery in Las Vegas and had been really impressed, so I knew who he was talking about. He ended up buying 2 pieces "Money to Burn" which is a print and "Martini Club" is on canvas. Both are already framed so one less thing for me to do - bonus. There was another one he liked called "Lost in Paradise". I googled it today and almost wish he had bought that one too. Right now both are hanging in our bedroom, but when we get our new house in a couple years (fingers crossed) and have a media room - sorry kids, this ones for the grown ups. We will hang them in there along with our signed Reckless Kelly "Bulletproof" guitar.

I really hope that our eclectic style and love of many different genres of art, music, etc give our kids an appreciation of all kinds of different things and inspires their creativity.

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