Jul 15, 2009

Donuts in the breakroom!

Why, oh why? This morning there are 3 boxes of donuts, honey buns and other assorted fattening sweets sitting on the table in the kitchen at work.
Does anyone else ever try to make changes for the better in their life and then find their vice starting them in the face everywhere they turn. Is it just me, or is the world trying to sabotage me? I am really trying to get serious about loosing some weight. I have been steadily gaining weight for the past 2 year and am tired of having to buy larger clothing and not liking the way I look.

Diets have failed me. I have a really bad habit of telling myself "I can have this, I will just start over tomorrow" or "I can always work this off tonight" only to not have time (or in all honesty be too lazy) to work out. I have come up with a new plan of action. First step - eat correct portion sizes. Second step - Food Journal: write down everything I eat. This is what I think will help me the most given that I am prone to snacking when bored. If I am craving something I remind myself, "You are going to have to write this down and evaluate your eating at the end of the day. How is eating this going to make you feel then?" Third step - don't skip meals. I tend to skip breakfast despite having time and food available. Fourth step - allow for a cheat day (but still document intake). It is really important I give my self an opportunity to indulge (in moderation) on the foods I crave the most so I don't end up binging on them in a week or two and giving up completely. For instance, my family will be attending a friends birthday party this weekend. Sure to be lots of food and temptation. I am not very much of a sweets person, so the cake doesn't worry me, but I am addicted to chips. They are my ultimate downfall. Plan of action is to get a small plate rather than snacking out of the bowl and having no idea of how much I have eaten.

I am only on the 3rd day (messed up on step 3 yesterday). I am optimistic that this can really work for me. I lucked out this morning by having already eaten my breakfast (oatmeal - the original kind that comes in a canister without sugar) by the time the donuts arrived. Yay for following the plan today!

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