Jul 5, 2009


I have to admit I was skeptical about watching this movie. We are certianly a Christian family, but this was kind of one of those things that all of our "church" friends said we should see. Even then some of our "church" friends didn't think it was a movie worth spending time on. After all it's starring Kirk Cameron. The kid from Growing Pains with a best friend name "Boner".

As a little insite ingo myself, I am cheap. My children borrow movies from the library rather than renting from Blockbuster. So, when I went to look at the movies in the grown up section and came across Fireproof, I decided to give it a try. It wasn't going to cost me any money and if I could get my husband to sit down and watch it, it could enrich our lives.

I have now been enlightened. I guess we are now "church" people because I will be encouraging my best friends Rachel and Ryan to take the time to sit down and watch this movie. Yes it got off to a rough start with the acting and directing, but within about 10 minutes it definately got better. I ended up crying a few times, and my action loving husband said it was a good movie. My daughter did not watch the movie with us (I do not reccommend having young children in the room for several parts of this movie), but was sitting in the recliner at the end was looking at me with her little exasperated look as to say knock it off. I tried to explain the main theme of the movie to her, which is you cannot fully love and devote your heart to anyone unless you have devoted your heart to Christ first. I think a lot of it went over her head at this age (6), but I will spend the rest of her childhood teaching her about God's love.

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Harrell Family said...

I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! Yes I agree with the beginning acting etc.. but it was awesome! My hubby hasn't seen it though :( but it really is a moving message!! Thanks for the suggestion though.. maybe I can now get the hubby to watch it too:)