Jul 29, 2009

Lana and Shawn's wedding

It has been one busy month. Lana and Shawn's wedding started it off for the month of July. Nearly everyone we know was in the wedding. I just managed to transfer over the few pictures that my mother in law managed to take before my camera died (do you think my 3 yr old taking all kinds of random pictures had anything to do with it?). We managed to get some really great shots.

Here's a picture of Ryleigh and Angelique after the rehersal
in their flower girl tees Ryan made for them.
She also made them some really cute tote bags to carry their
jewelry, headbands, and slippers in. She is so talented.

My babies together at the reception. He ended up being my
dance partner all night because the girls wouldn't dance with him!

And of course the beautiful bride!

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