Jul 29, 2009

Look Ma...No Training Wheels!

I probably should have done it a long time ago, but I finally took the training wheels off Angelique's bicycle. It was something she and I had been discussing for about 2 months, so it was not a shock to her.

I was pretty nervous about it, despite knowing she would do fine. One of her training wheels has been severly bent for a while now. So much so that in order to ride she had to lean on the other side or ride sideways. I eventully got the bright idea to tell her it was the perfect opportunity to learn to ride without them without it being so scary. "All you have to do is balance in the middle and try not to let the wheels touch the ground" She was riding anywhere from 30 seconds to a whole minute without my hearing that terrible scraping sound of training wheels on pavement.

Last Friday I told her..."Its time". She was so very excited, and then I couln't find her helmet in our mess of a garage. I couldn't let her down after I got her hopes up, so I let her ride. We have a scheduled trip to Wally World to find a new cool helmet.
She was very confident getting out there but still wanted help. She kept telling me "Just push me a little." But, I didn't give and and she did perfect. The only thing she has to worry about now is her little brother running in to her (he now wants his training wheels off too, but has a habbit of crasing on purpose with the training wheels on - so that won't be happening for a while yet).

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