Jul 29, 2009


Okay...last post of the day, I promise. I was just looking at some of my favorite blogs (and a few blogs of note) when I realized that my blog is titled "The Gone Again Smiths", yet I haven't really blogged a whole lot about all our recent adventures. Well, it's time to remedy that right now.

Lets start with this past weekend. Our travels this past week took us up to Lake Livingston (technically a small town called Onalaska) where our family has a piece of property with a barn built on it. The house is still in planning stages. When my in-laws retire this is where they plan to move and we are going to finish out the upper level of the barn and it will be our own little bungalow when we go up to visit.

Clint and Christian got up at 3:30 am to drive up to Livingston to go fishing with Rick. This was Christian's first fishing trip and he was super excited. Clint said he actually stayed awake until they stopped at the donut shop where he ordered "a pirates donut" which was really a blue frosted donut and a kolache. After that he slept all the way to the boat dock. My future angler caught the only keeper of the day. A catfish.

Angelique and I left our house about 9:30 that morning and stopped by my favorite resale shop "Changes" to see if we could find a nice gift for Clint's mom's birthday. We hit the jackpot. I found a current season Dooney and Burke purse with the tags still on it for $150. (She is a lot like me and will not spend that kind of money on herself, but really wanted one). She is treating it like a new baby. It doesn't go on the floor and she would not go into the store while it was raining for fear of it getting wet! I think we did a good job.

From there we went to join the boys up a the lake. We actually stayed at a family friends house just a street away from our property while we were there. Angelique showed off her new bike riding skills for her Nana and Papa (Clint's parents). Not long after we got there a fierce storm blew in and ruined our planned boating adventure. So instead we headed to the store to buy food for dinner and had a nice barbeque on the deck.

The next morning Rick took Christian out fishing for perch (but didn't catch anything). The rest of us got up and had a good old fashioned artery clogging breakfast (not good for my diet) and got ready to start our rescheduled boating adventure. What we didn't foresee was that Christian's catfish had been forgotten in the live well of the boat during the previous days storm. Talk about a smelly mess, not to mention Christian being extremely upset that his fish had died.

We finally made it out to the water and a place called Pine Island with a small sand beach (we mostly missed the sand and ended up in a lot of mud which the kids had a blast thowing). We aired up the ginormous tube - it is made for 4, but I think we've actually had 6 on it at a time. We lounged and played for a few hours. Then when it appeared weather was moving in again we decided to call it a day. The girls, Angelique, Cat and myself got pulled back on the tube. I think at some point we lost some air in the tube because it was a whip-lash inducing ride. Angelique got off close to the dock and Clint subjected his mother and me to his special "I'm gonna make you fly off this thing" treatment. When we managed to get off alive we loaded up the boat and headed home. Rick and Cat are staying the week to paint the barn. What color - barn red with white trim of course.

All in all we had a great weekend, although I am a little sore and have a rope burn on my toes from trying to stay on the tube.

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