Aug 27, 2009

1st Day 1st Grade

Okay, so everyone who knows me knows that I am never going to win awards for my parenting skills, but I do try (sometimes) to do right by my kids. Angelique has never been a morning or breakfast kid. Our routine usually consists of getting the kids out of bed an hour before we have to leave in the morning, for them to doze off in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until its time to get dressed and run out the door. For the 1st day of school I got up about half an hour before waking the kiddos to get myself ready. I got my little monsters out of bed and into their respective placed on the couch while I made lunches and special oatmeal for breakfast (is it still healthy when its loaded with sugar?).
Determined not to be running out the door this morning, I get Ang moving to get dressed just before 7. As promised the night before, she let me fix her hair, "but only on the first day mom". It was so sweet. Little miss I can do everything myself since 18 months old, let mommy fix her hair. I think I almost cried. Now to get my daughters hair to lay down, I actually need to use a flat iron and products. She has super thin and easily frizzy hair. I almost wish I had a before picture. I might take one tomorrow morning. So with teeth brushed, hair done, and lunch made we were ready to go (hubs was in charge of getting Christian to school this morning).

This is my spot that I got to pick!

It was so sweet to see her with her friends she had hardly seen over the summer. I can tell you she was definitely excited to be back at school. She did however refuse to do the hubs family traditional running first day of school pic that she did in Kindergarten.

Getting ready to go to class

First Day last year...running pic

On a completely different subject...we bought the truck today too.

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