Aug 5, 2009


I just read a blog from the Houston Chronicle called Good Mom / Bad Mom (check it out, it is hilarious) and one of the recent entries was about one of the mom's 4 yr old's getting her shots. Reading it just reminded me of some of the crazy things that come out of my sons mouth (he's 3)...starting with the time he had a flu shot.
  1. Daddy, the nurse just bit me
  2. There's a dinosaur in my room and he wants to eat my hiney
  3. I'm goin to Las Vegas (out of the blue and no he's not)
  4. My grandson Christian told me (is my great grandchild a time traveler?)
  5. I was never a baby and I was not born (thats just showed up one day as a 3 yr old)
  6. Whatever
  7. You're such a girl (this is usually directed at me, and I point out that he is correct)

I love how he looks like there is mischief waiting for him after this photo is done!

My most recent Christian-ism came from his pre-school. Apparently my child was not getting along with another little boy in his class, so the teacher took them both up to the office. Christian was asked why he didn't want to sit next to the other boy and his answer shocked the staff..."Because he has no manners" The decided that they couldn't fault him for that and let Christian sit somewhere else.

During Christian's questions the other little boy started to act up. So the director sat him down to talk to him. At the end asking "Do you understand" When the other boy failed to answer, Christian whispered to him "Say yes ma'am". The boy said nothing the teacher asked again. When he replied with the dreaded "yep", Christian got all serious and told him with his best grown up voice, "I said Say yes ma'am!".

While they couldn't tell Christian so, they were really quick to tell me when I picked him up how awesome it was to actually have a 3 yr old on their side.

Of course a week later he ruined it when he kicked a teacher during a temper tantrum for being put in time-out during outside play. He lost TV rights for a while on that one.

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Gotta love it :) Hope all is well :)