Aug 10, 2009

I Feel Like Rachel from "Friends" - Updated

I think I am going to do this weekend recap in reverse - mainly because one of the most embarrassing moments of my adult life happened on Friday and I would like to put it off to the end. So here goes.

Sunday - pretty normal for a Sunday, I started out my day by doing a boat load of laundry. Clint worked on my car - luckily it was an easy fix - just needed new power steering fluid. Did a small landscaping project in the front flower bed that turned out awesome and now we have to do the same thing in the bed that wraps around the front of the house and around the trees. We used sandstone rocks to hold the planters and filled the bed with lava rock. I love it!

Clint then painted with Christian, which turned into painting on Christian (no worries they were water colors).

We went grocery shopping (yes with the paint still in tact) - went to Wally World instead of Kroger (this was not good). They have completely changed the store around and I can't find anything. Too bad we had to go there to get the hubs some new underwear, socks and undershirts. When we got home, Clint went in to make dinner and I mowed the lawn and watered my hibiscus in their pretty new home (the rain we thought we were getting never came). Then something amazing happened - both kids fell asleep on their own before bedtime - although they were both in the wrong beds. We decided not to chance moving them.

Saturday - We got up pretty early 7:30 - especially for being out so late Friday (more on that to come). Clint started to make biscuits before realizing all we had left was chocolate milk. Rather than scrapping the whole thing he went ahead with the chocolate. We saw the kids off with Nana and Papa to run to Livingston to mow the lot. Then ate our chocolate biscuits (they were not bad and no they didn't taste like chocolate). After our unique breakfast we made our way out to look at tile and bathroom fixtures and furnishing (as we are in the midst of a forced bathroom remodel having to do with an a/c leak). We found tile we like - of course not in stock - and got some ideas we like for the sink/cabinet/etc. From there we went to a landscaping place and found some nice flat sandstone for a landscaping project I had in mind. After that we had to hurry home so I could get ready for a baby shower I was attending for a member of my group that afternoon. It was nice to have a few hours of grown up girl time, and it was a beautiful party. After I got home, we took the kids to the pool for a few hours and then went out to eat at Olive Garden.

Friday - OK, here goes. This was not the best night for me. The plan was to go out on the boat for Johnnie's 30th to celebrate. We were going to go wake boarding, do dinner at a restaurant on the water, swim, and bar hop. The problems started when we went to get the boat. Luckily, Clint tried to start it in storage - not once it was in the water - but it did not start. It took a few trips to the auto parts store and the house (for the voltage meter) to determine the battery was dead. Finally that replaced and we are on our way. It is too late to wake board now, but everyone has already gone to the restaurant. So we get the boat in the water and go to meet everyone one. We got through dinner (although with poor service - we had to clear the empty bottles off the table ourselves) and it was time to go out on the lake to swim. Now, this is my favorite thing. I love being in the water and being free to swim. Yeah, there are fish, but they don't bother you too much. That and it freaks one of my friends out when I get "too far from the boat".

Then something really unexpected happened. Before I get into the story I want to explain Taylor Lake is a brackish body of water - meaning it is a fresh & salt water mix. It usually leans more toward fresh. This is the water where we wake board, take the kids out on the tubes, and swim on a fairly regular basis. Well, I was doing my typical thing and swimming around, taunting Shawn about my being too far from the boat when I feel something on my thigh, then it starts tingling and burning. Shit...its a jelly fish...and it is not getting off my leg. I push at it with my hand and arm till it finally disengages. I'm yelling at everyone back at the boat and start my swim over hoping that I don't hit anymore. Everyone else is already back in the boat and Clint is at the back ready to help be get back in. As I am rounding the corner I hit another one with my hand and it lights up like Christmas. I don't think anyone really believed my until the saw that one. So hubs turns on the navigation lights on the front of the boat and goes to check it out. They are everywhere. So he is busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing on the front of the boat while I'm on the back of it in pain. Does anyone see where this in going?

So the obvious remedy is...someone needs to pee on it. OK, what are my other options. You can rub tobacco on a bee sting, maybe that will help. Nope! Meat tenderizer is recommended. Hello in the lake no meat tenderizer here. No...I will not be peed on, especially by my husband. I don't need anything to induce any fetish inducing story that will live on forever and ever and ever. But I'm in pain...and my leg is swollen, red and splotchy. An offer is made...I have a cup...I can pee in it then pour it on...and you can rise it. Alright, lets do this. Well, you know what folks, it doesn't work if you rinse it off. So the process had to be repeated...without the water rinse. I have chills now just recalling it. Now I have earned a nick name. I am jelly fish girl. Hey it could have been a lot worse.

Update: I forgot to add that I was not the only injury recipient of the evening. As we returned to Boondoggles - where everyone was parked and where just a few hours before I had complained about unlit docks - there was an accident. As Clint tied off the boat and people started to climb out, Billy went into the drink. I am not sure if he tripped or slipped, but down he went...with IPhone and wallet in tow. Clint saw the wallet floating in the water so he was able to grab that before it floated off or sank (which it was a good thing, because he had been to the bank that day. The bad thing, his leg. It was swelling rapidly and was very bruised. It looked like it could be broken. ER required. Fortunately it was not broken, insurance. On top of the ER bills, the IPhone had to be replaced. Not only do they not like water...they really dislike salt water.

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