Aug 12, 2009

I'm NOT Nagging for my Health

Last night in conversation the hubs asked me..."how am I going to get all of my projects done" My reply of course was "focus on one at a time" meaning we have to stay home and work on these things and save money to pay for these things. It looks like the Gone Again Smith's will be home bound for a while - or maybe not...he also brought up going back to Vegas last night.
The one project Clint is most concerned about is the jeep. Yes, this is one of those have to do before we can sell the house, and one I really do want completed (after the kids ripped out bathroom is done). I even bribed him and said he couldn't buy another motorcycle until the jeep was fixed (this could be the reason he is now fixated on having a 4-wheeler). It was a beautiful CJ7 with a few mechanical problems that we were slowly working through. This October will be 3 years since it was wrecked. And this is why husbands should listen to their wives.

Angelique and Daddy taking a ride

Helping friends smash their hot tub they didn't want to move!

It was Halloween night 2006 and we were heading to the annual Crew Halloween Bash. Normally, I wouldn't have had any problems with taking the jeep anywhere when we were out without kids. But I knew the reason he wanted to take it on this trip. The house we were having this party at was in a new neighborhood and had a new retention pond dug behind the houses, one that was still empty and quite muddy. I agreed that he could take the jeep to go mudding on two conditions: 1) mudding before drinking and 2) I needed a blanket - it was already getting cool out when we left and it was an hour and a half drive with no top or doors.

When we arrived, the party was already underway. I went in to change into my costume (Ryan and I were sexy kittys that year). When I came back out Clint was already half way through a fairly large drink. I reminded him of our deal and he kind of brushed it off like he was having fun and the mudding could wait till morning. It was an awesome party. Everyone drank quite a bit, but we had already planned on staying over so no one would be driving. At 3:30, I finally called it a nite - I really like to get my sleep and wake up around 7:30 in the morning no matter how late I stay up. This is how hubs looked the last time I saw him.

So I snuggled in on the futon for 4 hours of sleep. About an hour and a half later I am woken up by my husband very soothingly telling me don't worry, everything is alright. They had a little accident and the jeep was stuck in the retention pond. Everyone was calling it a night because they wouldn't be able to get it out in the dark.

I found out the following morning there was a little more to the story. They had finished mudding in the pond and were trying to drive out. The way they came in was too steep, so they decided to get out on the opposite end. Four were in the jeep - two in the front seat and two standing on the back seat holding onto the roll bar. There was also some one on a 4-wheeler who saw everything too late to let them know what was about to happen. Oh yeah...did I mention that Clint couldn't see where he was going from all the mud on the windshield? Gaining speed to make their uphill exit when BAM abrupt stop. They had gone up over a 4 ft tall concrete culvert and ripped off the rear axle. The front seat passenger hit is head on the windshield not once but twice. And the two guys in the rear, went flying out. One walked away with road rash and the other a gash in the head and a concussion - he ended up going to get stitches the next afternoon.

Now, the hubs tells me that I'm his conscience and his conscience cannot go to sleep when there is the possibility he may do something stupid.

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