Aug 6, 2009

Judo Chop!

All summer our family has been trying to decide what activity Angelique would be involved in this school year. She did ballet in preschool and cheerleading in kindergarden. She did a lot better in ballet than cheer, but I think that may have had something to do with the class size.

Her input has been gymnastics, karate or tennis. Now we were fairly certain tennis would be out of the running - at least for now - as neither the hubs or I know how to play and lessons are not cheap. We don't want to get her committed to something for her not to like it (espcially when we have a 6 month commitment rule). We thought about seeing if we have any friends that might be able to teach her some things, but we don't have any. That know how to play tennis (we do have friends, although I question their sanity for haning out with us). I guess I am going to have to do some research...Hello Google and Youtube and teach myself somethings, so I can teach her. This should be funny. I may have to have hubs take some video so you can all laugh at me.

So, this leaves us with gymnastics and karate. Both of which have after school programs close to our house. She was leaning more toward the gymnastics side of things - she has friends already enrolled in the program there, while we were leaning toward the karate aspect.

I started making phone calls a few days ago for information. Last night we stopped by the Bushi Ban studio to check it out. They are awesome. They will have a 30 minute class Monday-Thursday, as well as outdoor play - weather permitting - and wind down time so they are not still bouncing off the walls when you pick them up. The were excellent with Angelique, making her feel comfortable and even letting her in on a little secret (There is a lot of tumbling in karate). Smile on face. Halleuiah - the best of both worlds.

We did the enrollment and she'll start on the first day of school. I don't think we could ask for more. Not to mention it is not costing us much more a month than the after school pick up at Lighthouse (Christian will be staying until he starts school).

Clint's favorite things about this:
  • Discipline
  • All women run facility (we were worried they about them having at least 1
  • If she stays focused she can have her 1st black belt by 10 (and a double by the time she starts dating - watch out boys with ill intentions)

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Harrell Family said...

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