Aug 19, 2009

MIGRAINE laughter Update

I am feeling a bit better today than yesterday. Maybe starting the day with a good breakfast and 3 Advil hasn't hurt. By the time I got home from work and picking up the kiddos yesterday, my head and neck were screaming at me (in addition to the sinus pressure). I had already gotten a call from the hubs before leaving work that he had a last minute meeting at the office and needed to pick up parts for an out of town job for today. It was raining so at least the kids couldn't pester me about going out to ride bikes (or so I thought). I turned the TV on to Phineas and Ferb (the kids fav tv show) and eased myself down on the couch and pulled the blanket over my head.

After 20 minutes of the kids screaming and feeling like my head was going to explode I get a text message that the meeting is running late and hubs will let me know when he is on his way home. Did I mention his office is over an hour from our house? At this point I decide I am ordering pizza for dinner because I am not cooking and definitely not going anywhere. All the kids have to do for me is pick up the living room (hey pizza is a treat).

At this point I realize the kitchen is in bad shape. We had had family dinner at in-laws on Monday and while Clint had put up the pasta Sunday night - none of the pots and pans even got rinsed. So I start washing - I know in the back of my mind I am putting off the worst for last. Sunday evening we had a breakfast themed dinner with our group. We made biscuits with gravy and turkey sausage. The biscuits were gone when we came home. The gravy was not. The gravy was still in the sauce pan with the lid on. As I am washing other dishes I am thinking to myself..."I could just throw it away", but then cheap me steps in (and I am), "Just suck it up whiney and wash it. You use this all the time and you will just have to buy another one" The odor of the THING that had replaced the gravy was enough to make a person with the beginnings of an ugly migraine starting to rear its head pass out. Luckily, I managed to stay upright at the sink and ran the disposal as quickly as possible.

Just before the arrival of the pizza I get a phone call from the hubs saying I'm on my way home, but I forgot my parts so I have to go back to the office and get them. I seriously wanted to cry. But the pizza man was coming and I couldn't let him see me that way. It might ruin his delivery career to have a crazed lady crying hysterically when he just want to deliver the pizza. He arrives just barely in time to miss a breakdown. The kids cheer and Christian comes to greet the pizza man in his underwear. Poor guy probably is going to turn in his resignation today.

The kids get fed and I go back to hiding under my blanket. Until..."uh, mom...I kinda spilled some kool-aid in the kitchen". I have to admit this time was better than the RED kool-aid (don't make me feel like a terrible mom for not giving them organic juice least its sugar free) spill. I still had to clean under the microwave, bread box and knife block, and some on the floor too. At least it didn't make it to my newly washed still drying dishes.

Finally Clint made it home, stuffed me full of Advil (which does absolutely nothing for a migraine - by which time was full on) and took over in the kid department. I got up (and nearly right back down) to bathe and go to bed. As I make my way into the bathroom I notice one of our two bright and talented children have been playing with tampons. There are wrappers on the floor and empty applicators in the box. Hubs assumes it was Christian because they could be used as drum sticks. Done with my shower and going to bed I have Christian come tuck mommy in (usually works the other way around), because he is my sweet little boy. I asked him if he had been playing in the bathroom - he had. So I asked if he knew what he was playing with was for. "Mommy, they're for butt cracks" I almost died laughing - literally - I'd like to see you laughing with a migraine - not fun stuff. But, I couldn't help myself. I managed to compose myself enough to make sure he knew they were not for Bubba butt cracks - for which he looks at me funny and says "I KNOW".

Later when Hubs comes in to kiss me good night he asks me how he knows the things are for "butt cracks". I don't know...I assume it is from the enemy not following the terms of the Privacy Act of 2003 - which I now am thinking I should probably have had them sign at birth so I can hang it on the bathroom wall and point to whenever either of them burst into the bathroom when I am the occupant. I really should implement some of my grand ideas as house rules.

Small update...turns out Christian did not gain his knowledge from bursting in on me during my private time...a la potty time. Angelique had found him playing with them earlier in the evening and told him they were for butt cracks. Although Ang did gain some of her knowledge of these things by ignoring privace statutes.

Why do they never bust in on the hubs. Why am I the one who has no privacy...EVER

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Harrell Family said...

OH honey that is so no good with the migraine... but oh so funny with Christian! and Yes I agree trying to really laugh witha migraine is so impossible... Hope you are feeling better!!! BC powder (be careful the number of dosages) and exedrin are the only things that work for me with migraines. well that and a long freaking nap!