Aug 3, 2009

Negative Me?

Okay, so Clint is always telling me that I am too negative. I just think of it as being a realist and mentioning the points that I know he has not thought about because he is too excited about whatever crazy idea has entered his train of thought.

Maybe he's right. Maybe I thing too much about things. He in the past few weeks has randomly said..."I bet you can't go a whole day with out saying something negative". When that is proved true, it changes to an hour, and somehow I still manage to come up with something that is a downside to whatever he has said during that time.

Our most recent conversation is regarding a 4-wheeler. We love to go mudding out on some of the local trails with our friends (who have one) on occasion. Clint believes if we bought one, we would go more often, and he could take the kids out in the field behind the house to play on it, use it at the property in Livingston, etc. Of course I bring up storage, cost, and how often we would really use it.

Am I really too negative...or just a realist?

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Aunt Becky said...

Hmmm....good question. I don't really know! I try and be positive but like you, I have a very realist streak in me.