Aug 28, 2009

School is KILLING ME!

Well, not literally killing me. I think this whole back to school thing is sucking more for me right now than Leaky (for those not in the know this is what we call Angelique at home - sure to lead to embarrassment down the road, but she is ok with it for now). I have so much damn paperwork to fill out, not to mention digging through the piles (that may actually be taller than my 5'8" self) on my desk to try to find a current utility bill, shot records, birth certificate, and ss card. Oh yes, did I forget to mention the hubs has been working out of town for the majority of this week. Just little ol' me and the monsters. Lets just say our meals have been just shy of the healthy variety (okay..a lot, a lot unhealthy).

Leaky and I had the first big morning battle of the wills of the school year (and it only waited until the 2nd day). You see, I - in my opinion (and most of the people who know her) - have have one of the most strong willed and particular children. She does not wear clothes that...
  1. have bows or ties
  2. have zippers
  3. have buttons
  4. have gathers
  5. have shorts built into skirts (this one is getting better)
  6. anything else that she cannot put on completely by herself
She also wears no shoes that completely encase her feet. Mommy needs to buy stock in ballet type slip-ons and flip-flops (the former not being allowed at school). For the afore mentioned reasons this child is required to lay out her clothing the night before.

Wednesday morning she started to get dressed (put on the cute pullover cotton dress that meets all of her clothing requirements) then disappeared. As it is getting closer to time to leave I start looking around to find her in her room, un-dressed pulling tags off a skirt and t-shirt. At this point she has yet to brush her teeth and hair, and I am ready to go. She gets the clothes on and starts crying. The shirt is too long (she thought is was perfect when she tried in on and was dancing in front of her grandparents to get them to buy it for her). Tucked, un-tucked, nothing was right. I finally yelled at her to get her hair and teeth brushed or I might just call daddy. For her this is one of the worst things I can do. More water works, which ensures my annoyance because there is nothing wrong with her. I finally went and found another (older) pink shirt in her closet, which in her opinion didn't match with the pink in her skirt. This earned her the look. You know the one, the "Does it look like I give a purple rats ass?" look. She put it on a sulked all the way through dropping her brother off then till she got out of the truck at her school. (By the way...since when does a school keep the doors locked until 7:45 when some kids have to eat breakfast in the cafeteria before being in class at 8:00? Not mine - she won't eat school food, but I'm just sayin')

This also happens to be the first week of karate, so I have to go to two different places to pick up kiddos (which means Monkey Bob (Christian) isn't getting picked up as early as he is used to.

Angelique lost one of her teeth yesterday at school and all the damn tooth fairy had in her wallet this morning was a $5 and a $50. Naturally she got the $5. I was a little perturbed with myself when I found a free floating $1 in my purse at lunch time. So is life!

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Aunt Becky said...

School is SO killing me too.