Aug 13, 2009

Stripping for the Neighbors

I don't know if anyone else in the world has ever been bothered by the oh so obvious (in my opinion) design flaw many houses have - including mine - that have the washer and dryer in the garage. Now, many thanks to the designer of my house, I have one of those curved drive ways so my garage is mostly facing just one neighbors driveway, and I have the additional protection of a small wall in front of my laundry station. I have seen many that are just right there next to the garage door facing the street. I could just see my self in an inappropriate state of dress, doing laundry in the garage and having hubs pull into the driveway and hitting the garage remote. Yikes!

The problem I have is that as I do laundry, I often times determine that what I am wearing that evening falls into the category of what I am washing at that moment. So what do I do. I take it off in the garage - usually without bothering to peek around the corner to see if the garage door is actually open or not. Then scurry through my kitchen, dining room and living room before reaching the safety of my bedroom to find a suitable replacement or pajamas. The other scenario is being in my pj's all morning Saturday morning while working on the laundry - why get dressed until after the chores are done and I get my shower. I don't want to have extra clothes to wash cause they got funky while I was cleaning the bathroom. Anyway, I will sometimes not realize hubs opened the garage door while looking for something and there I am in shorty shorts and worn out tee putting on a show bent over in front of my dryer.

I understand the reasoning behind the practice of setting up the washer and dryer outside of the house - both to save interior space and to keep the heat of the dryer out. However, one thing I will look for in our next home is that the laundry be inside the house and preferably somewhere in the vicinity of my room.

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