Aug 25, 2009

Whirlwinds and Whirlpools - Friday

Wow, what a busy weekend.

I'm gonna have to split this into for each day from this past weekend, otherwise it would be waaaayyy too long (I don't know if even I would have the patience to read it all).

At the beginning of the month my husbands company asked everyone to try to take some of their available vacation time by the end of the month, due to this being their slow time of the year. We discussed it some and decided we would take a trip with the kiddos on the last weekend before Angelique started back to school. Unfortunately, everyone else had already taken off the Thursday and Friday we wanted to take our little trip on. Fortunately, our school district is one of the only ones not going back to school until Tuesday (today). So we made our plans and I took off Monday also (I do not get vacation). We decided to go to one of our favorite place in the world. New Braunfels, Texas - hill country baby!

Our plan had us taking off work about an hour early on Friday and heading our happy selves out of town. Uh oh... I said plan.. you know what that means. Not gonna happen! As the fates would have it Angelique's meet the teacher night was scheduled for Friday afternoon starting at 4. So we adjusted my schedule (yes just my as I am the only one who obsesses over doing things on a schedule), picked up the kiddos and headed over to meet the teach. Nana and Papa (grandparents) met us at the school. It was a little daunting trying to explore a brand new school along with hundreds of other parents and students, but all went well. Angelique liked her new teacher and even though she didn't get any of her good friends in her class, there is going to be a girl in the class that she knows from Lighthouse.

We leave the school just after 5 with grandparents in tow. The skies look ominious, but the weather appears to still be a little ways off. Back to the house (around the corner from the school) to load all our gear into our borrowed truck (we sold ours last week - Thanks again to Nana & Papa) just in time for the rain to start. Meaning our suitcases and bedding all had to ride inside with us. Talk about riding in cramped quarters. We stopped for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings on the way out of town (yum). The rain slacked off about an hour into the drive, but the lightning storm stayed with us for the full 3+ hours. And I cannot tell you how thankful I am to the people over at Audiovox who made our portable DVD players that keep my kids occupied in the vehicle on long trips. You may never know how much of my limited sanity is still intact thanks to you.

We made it to the hotel around 11 only to have Christian whine about not getting to go to the pool (which who renovates a hotel pool in the middle of the summer) and that we were not camping yet! Hello...can we say lightning storm (not to mention I have no intention of setting up a tent in the middle of the night with two kids running crazy)! Not that my 3 year old understands logic or anything.

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