Aug 7, 2009

Flashback Friday...wait a minute!

I have to admit to a little bit of OCD. I have great ideas to blog about - at least I think so - but never when I can actually blog about it. So what did I do...I started to make a list. Then I started to make an organized list. Then I thought to myself how cool would it be to have days with a theme.

Wait a minute that is dumb. It would make my blog so boring. No one will want to read that crap if I do the same thing every week ( 5 Tuesday, WTF Wednesday, and Flashback Friday) Yes it would my life easier and I would know exactly what the topic for the those days would be before even sitting down to my laptop. But I really need to get out of my monotonous ways and explore life (we can start with a blog, right?) outside of my comfort zone.

So, today I will do WTF* Friday instead of my original plan and who knows what will come out of my demented brain in the future. This post in is reference to the WTF moment I had of the day looking at the headlines on Apparently this 86 year old woman has a perpetual shoplifting habit. Having been arrested 61 times since 1956. That is more than once a year for the past 53 years. This time she's been charged with felony shoplifting for stuffing face cream, salmon, and coffee down her pants. I know she's a lil' ol' lady now, but didn't anyone ever think, hey maybe this lady has a problem and either needs mental help or imprisonment (not saying this would help her any, but it would help the stores from loosing merchandise for a while). Oh yeah, what happened to that whole 3 strikes idea. She must have racked up the felonies by now. That is unless some (probably several) prosecutors out there had bigger fish to fry and didn't want to take their time pursuing this. Just think about all the times she probably got away scott free. Has this woman ever purchased anything in her adult life? Was this story deemed news worthy for the wow, what an incompetent justice system we have, or for the OMG Granny is stealing factor?

Woman, 86, Charged With Stealing Wrinkle Cream Has Lengthy Criminal Record - Local News News Articles National News US News -

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*WTF = What the F***

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