Sep 1, 2009

The Birth of Ed and Timon - Sorry Pumba, No One Wanted to be a Pig

I might be crazy, but I might just try to blog every day this month.  Who knows, maybe (my paid) people will come over and read what pours out of my jumbled mind on a daily basis.  Then again, I may end up driving away the few peeps that actually read what I write (haha I said peeps - I'm so coolio now) when they realize I really am just crazy.  Except for ED.  I don't think I could scare you away with a stick after everything we have been through together.  In fact, I think you will be my topic for today.

I actually met my bestest friend Rachel during our freshman year in HS.  I was in track and she was in band, so we didn't bond over any shared extra curriculars.  I met Rachel because I was boy crazy (no, no I was not a slut - yet).  One of my track friends - Shannon - was in a geography class with one of the track guys who was a junior that I had an itsy bitsy crush on (What was I thinking).  So I would hang out in Shannon's class sitting crossed legged on someone's desk hoping to catch a glimpse of my crush.  When the minute bell rang I would haul ass to my Spanish class (at the other side of the school - hey I was pretty fast back then).  The crush ended being a lame-o ass-wad that after I dumped decided I was too stuck up for him (ha!) and the desk I was sitting on was Rachel's.  The following semester we had home-ec together so we partnered up since we were the only ones either of us kinda knew.  We were inseparable from that time forward.  I was the only non-band geek that was allowed to hang in the band hall.  I have to say, I got to know some really cool people that way that I wouldn't have otherwise.
On to the nick-names... around our junior year we decided we needed a new code for our notes..yes, we wrote notes, hello we her teenage girls in high school.  If you didn't then you're lying.  NE-ways...we had to have code because so many of the people we wrote about (i.e. bitchy girls, crushes, evil teachers) were around us and often could see what we were putting down on paper.  So, since Lion King (this should not be coming as a surprise to you given the names above) was so big during that time, this served as our reference for our names.  I wanted to be Timon (mostly for the little dance he does to distract the hyenas - OY!).  She chose ED - you know the maniacal laughing hyena.  All crush interest had the name Simba...the adorable little lion cub.  By the time we outgrew this (went to college) the number of Simba's had reached well over 20...what, I said I was boy crazy.  Our little code got quite a bit of verbal usage too since my "first" who I dated all summer (and worked with) dumped me 1 week after this 1st experience and 1 week before school started (because I wasn't a senior and he was) then chose my locker as the place to make out with new (senior) gf.  She was known as Scar.  I to this day have doodle drawings (I didn't keep the notes - just the pretty pics) using these names, and it makes me laugh when I run across them in boxes with my old art work.

Anyone out there have any unique nicknames with cool (or lame - head hung in shame) stories behind them?

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Harrell Family said...

I love you Timon!!! You truly are family to me!