Sep 3, 2009

I Should Have Run Screaming

Well, If I was a normal person I would have after (more like during) my first date with the hubs.

Background:   I was just weeks out of a 3 year volatile relationship and he was treating me with kid gloves - except when he wasn't (hehehe) just trying to date me.  I had promised myself that since this ill fated relationship was finally over, I was going to be a wild, crazy and single gal for a while.  Clint was not quite on the same page.

We met (though not technically not our first meeting) at a New Year's Eve Party the same night I called off my unofficial engagement (unofficial because he couldn't say the word despite giving me a ring and a dress hanging in my closet).  He also happened to be at the end of a very rocky relationship.  When he walked in the door the first person he saw had a bottle of Parrot Bay tipped up in the air (yours truly) pointed and said "that one's mine".  Yep, a true romantic I have on my hands.  Being determined to stay on my single path however, I refused to date him.  Somehow (I'm guessing my cousin had something to do with it) he started showing up at her house every time I was over there or there was a group event planned.  BTW:  Pauley Shore in person,,,funnier than I thought he would be - but that could have been the booze.  Finally, after him being everywhere I was going anyway I agreed to go on a date with him.

He picked me up - did I mention we lived on opposite sides of Houston (for outsiders that might not mean much, but that means an hour plus when traffic is cooperating) - and took me to dinner at a cool South American place where they bring around rotisserie meats and fruits and cut off the portions you want at the table.  While we were dining (that word sound so much more grown up than stuffing our faces) he got a page.  Yes, a page.  It was only 2001 folks and pagers weren't considered dinosaurs - yet.  He thought he might be getting called into work so he went to call the number back.  It turns out it was just his friends (all of whom he has known since HS and some longer), and they were planning to go see a movie and wanted him to come along.  He told them he would ask if I was ok with it.  Then before hanging up he made the fatal mistake "Don't embarrass me"!

Before going to meet the friends we had to go by his mom's to see another friend who was only in town for the evening.  This part was pre-planned and I knew we were going to do this, since he didn't want to break his date with me (I might not have re-scheduled it...bitchy huh?) and see his friend also.  It went really well.  I had never met parents on the first date before (more like after 6 months).  After a short visit and smoking as many cigarettes as possible we headed for the friends.  Ominous thought racing through my head.

Lets just say Clint was right to worry.  Two of the guys ran out to meet us and lock me in a big bear hug (did I mention I have never met these people before?).  But there is more.  Jeremy is 6'3" and looked every bit of the HS football player he had been (he is also now my boss) and Shawn is more like 5'8" and has a stalky build.  The group had collectively brainstormed what they could possible do to embarrass the hell out of Clint and chase off the newest gal pal (my hubs, he was a man slut before he got lucky enough to find me, and he liked the dumb ones).  Their plan involved the wardrobe of a former stripper that Shawn was dating.  The embarrassment came with when they ran out - on a public street - to hug me - these two men boys had squeezed themselves into stripper attire.  Shawn was decked out in a white full lace body suit with tighty whiteys underneath and lucite stripper heels.  Jeremy  was wearing a gold lame' tube top and matching mini skirt, but he couldn't get his gargantuan size 15 feet into the stripper heels!

I think the fact that I thought this was funny high-larious solidified my place among the group as well as with Clint.  Thinking back I should have insisted they go to the movie like that.  What might you have done in the same situation?

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Harrell Family said...

I am so glad they didn't have a chance to "try" to embarass me like that.. they didn't get the chance on our "first meeting".. woo hoo :)