Sep 14, 2009

Is There A Curve On This Test?

I genuinely hope that I am not the only parent in the world that questions if I am a member of the club that would got have gotten my license should that have been a requirement to reproduce. I am one of those people who let's the little things get to them. Amazingly, I am usually calm in a crisis. For those of ou who are not parents the little things can come as often as every 5 minutes if you have overly active children. Christian is just getting into the phase of really testing his boundaries to see how much he can actully get away with. With me, it tends to not be very much. Clint tries to tell me "they're kids, they're not supposed to listen"

Not supposed to listen my ass! So he gets frusterated that I am frusterated at the kids, which makes me more frusterated. I think the base of the problem is spankings (at least from me) have long lost their effectivenss and my voice doesn't command the attention that Daddy's does until I am screaming.

My lack of skills is never more evident than when clint travels. I swore to myself this time would be different. I did well for my first day, and maintained my patience even as both were crying at bed time and begging to sllep with me (which I would be ok with except I don't sleep when they do). Even getting up and off to various schools went well - as well as having night owl children can be.

The problems didn't start until we arrived home tonight. We are in the middle of a forced bathroom renovation due to an A/C drip pan leak. Well, the trash men decided to only pick up a portion of the frame work that was at the curb from our work over the weekend. Guess who got to clean all that up so the grass won't die? Every time I looked up from picking up a few pieces of scrap either the dogs had hi-tailed it down the street or the kids were sneaking into the street with their bikes. Not the best of things cosidering our street gets pretty busy around that time of day, and they are only are allowed in the street when they have undivided attention to supervising them. When christan dragged a rope that he tied to my new truck across the street (and to close for comfort to an oncoming vehicle) I lost it and yelled for everyone to get their hiney's back in the house. Upon dragging my wear bones into the house I made ver clear that if I had to repeat myself even once they would be feeling the sting of a paint stir stick across the backs of their legs. This is only a threat that works solely on the fact that they know someone who actuall used this on their kids. The rest of our evening has gone very well.

I have just been covered with kisses that put a stupid grin on my face. No matter how big a failure I see myself as a "good" parent, m kids manage to remind me that I am doing the important things right.

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