Sep 15, 2009

I've Got My High Heels On

I have been an a bit of a kick of blogging about the kiddos lately. But not today. Despite them jumping on the couch, asking me for snacks and popping their gum in my ear as I sit here pecking out this post on my blackberry, this post is not about my ankle biters.

Ok back down to business - I had get get my son a peanut butter spoon (I cheat on after school snacks)!

I am typically a jeans and tee shirt type of gal and if I have to wear shoes they tend to be ballet type shoes. I am lucky to work in a place where casual dress is acceptable. However about a year ago afer a meeting my boss (who is also a good friend and played football with my husband in HS) informed me that since he was being required to wear a collared shirt that I had to suffer with him. This translated to wearing a gap blouse with my jeans or flats unless I was in meetings with clients, where I needed to dress more professionally.

I got started wearing high heels my freshman year of HS. Back then they were funky double stap mary janes with a chunky stacked heel. It definately didn't hurt that I had great legs from hours a day of running and most of the guys in my school (at least the ones I dated - cause those were the only ones that mattered, right?) were shorter than my 5'8" in barefeet. Now my taste have moved to the more classic (grown up) styles. About 2 weeks ago I found a georgeous Ann Taylor dress and Jessica Simpson pumps at a resale shop in my area that only accept new or like new clothing. The set new would have run about $150, but I took it home for less than $40. There is no better way to satisfy my cheap side. I swear Clint and I are perfectly matched - him having a whole in his wallet and me being a tight wad. Anyway my amazing find got me on the kick of wearing my heels. I am pulling some of my very favorite shoes (at least in looks) out of their boxes at the top of my closet.

The discovery has got me realizing a few things.
1. I am in desperate need of a pedicure for my peep toes to "work"
2. These things are a cruel form of torture to my feet and spend quite a bit of time off my feet under my desk at work.
3. Most importantly - I love the way they make my legs and ass look (so does hubby)

There is also that 50's glamour factor. The heel kick kiss just cannot be achieved without a high heel - although you will not find me vacuuming the house in heels and pearls a la June Cleaver.

What is your fave thing you love to pull out of your closet and rock you day?


Aunt Becky said...

You're inspiring me to get a pedicure! Hooray!

Amy said...

Ohhh! I am a high heel fanatic! The higher the better...although, it's a fine line between sexy and stripper.

Nothing better to make me feel sexy than a new outfit and high heels!