Sep 8, 2009

Look Ma ... No Training Wheels, Part II Update video

Ok, I know I already screwed up on blogging everyday.  In my defense it was an extremely busy long weekend, and I even used by Blackberry to blog on Saturday rather than skip the entire weekend.

I am so excited to annouce that yesterday I taught my 3 year old son to ride his bicycle without training wheels.  Hubs got some really funny video of him crashing on purpose that I will have to add when I remember to get it off the camera.

While I was really pumped at my amazing skills, it really made me wonder if I hadn't been lazy not teaching Leaky sooner.  We just took her training wheels off a few months ago.  Now, I am no different than most people who hate to hear other moms in a pissing contest..."My kid can ____".  That's nice, My kid can kick your kids ass (we actually had a onsie that said this and both of the kids wore it).  Despite swearing not to get caught up in all the BS, do I use others successes to judge my failures?  If I am completely honest with myself (and anyone reading here), the reason I took off the training wheels in the first place (after asking Christian if he was ready) was because my sister in Wisconsin posted on Facebook last week that she taught my nephew who is a whole 5 days younger than my son to ride his bike.  Holy long sentence Batman.  If she can do it, so can I!  And Christian will have more time to become an expert rider because we have all of about 2 weeks of winter down here, while they snow on the ground for a year and a half at a time (maybe a slight exageration).  So once again it has become my kids better than your kid (not really).

But I do really think we rely on what other parents we know are doing with their kids to determine if our own kids are ready for something.  We didn't teach Leaky to ride, because none of our friends had taught their kids.  We did it at the same time.  We even do it with school.  You can have the kids that practically came out of the womb reading (no not mine) in the same class with kids that are starting to learn their abc's because they don't test well or aren't advanced in math and didn't make it into the GT (gifted and talented) program.  So we are left with my kids smart and your's isn't starting in kindergarten.  I think society as a whole need to figure out there is a learing curve.  Not everyone will master things at the same rate.

I kinda got off on a weird tangent there.  What I really want to get across is that I don't need to make sure my kid keeps up with everyone else and that I am teaching the right things at the right age.  I need to focus myself more to pay attention to what they are ready for.  Because Christian was ready, and it had nothing to do with his cousin Dominic, or my determination that he could do it.  He did it because he wanted to and was really ready to ride without training wheels.

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