Sep 23, 2009

PMS - That Dirty Little Bitch

Today my little girl stayed home from school sick again.  Unfortunately it seems that this is just the beginning of an illness that may last several days as the fever is starting to climb and she is starting to get a sore throat.  My father-in-law was over again to work on our bathroom that is under construction.  Let me say again how very grateful I am that he is helping us.  Otherwise we would not have sheetrock at all in that room and now it is done.  Clint (who came home for lunch) got into a pretty good argument.  Something about me being on my "No - High Horse"  You see, my hubs is an "I want" type of guy.  So there is a whole lotta no, we can't afford that goin' on.  The convo for today included my Mother-In-Laws Spring Break (she is a teacher) and that she is chaperoning the 5th grade elective trip to Washington DC and wants to take Leaky with her.  Apparently my NO! was a little to bitchy to my F-I-L.  Being something we really can't afford while we are trying to get our house ready to sell (and let me tell you, there is a lot of work to be done).  After Clint left, to ease my guilty conscience, I asked my F-I-L if they wanted to come to dinner and have steaks as a thank you for all the help.

Dinner turned out really well (despite myself at the helm of the grill) and we had some kick-ass rib eyes and grilled asparagus.  Some how our after dinner converstation (after my M-I-L left for a meeting at her school for the aforementioned DC trip) we started talking about what a difficult time Clint was having with quitting smoking and how you realize you're being an ass after you leave the situation and have the first few awesome, sexy, hot, blissful (did I mention I used to smoke, but quit just over 7 years ago) drag that you realize you were fighting because of your fiend of a habbit.  Of course with two men in the room and myself... the blame could not fall on the only two remaining tabacco addicts in the room...NO, women are bitchy when they aren't fiending for that first drag of nicotine.  Women have PMS and it occurs once a month.

Now, based on the calendar I am about a week from the PMS.  However I have never been the regular type so it is completly plausable the lunch time argument (and my being ticked off about it for most of the afternoon) was caused my the dreaded monthly (or in my case bi-monthly) visitor.

My husband being the smart ass he is, had to remind me of the worst (or best depending on point of view) thing I ever told him while PMSing.  We tend to argue quite a bit about me not telling him what is bothering me.  So on one occassion I actually told him "If I told you everytime you annoyed me, I would be bitchin' all damn day"  Wow, the force was strong that day.

Now, just to prove what a great man I really do have, my dear hubs just returned from a medicine run for sickly with a beautiful assortment of pink flowers including roses, lilys, and baby carnations.  He also brought home a bottle of rare (in the US) tequilla in a purple bottle from the Jalisco mountians - where we know for a fact they make some kick ass tequilla.  Can we say special occasion margaritas?

So how 'bout you all in the blogsphere?  What are your best (or worst) PMS moments?

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i am actually starting a blog called TAMPONS AND TEMPER TANTRUMS where people can post their PMS moments for all to share, b/c i actually think we're all synchronizing our menstrual cycles digitally