Sep 2, 2009

Thank you for Asking

I know, no one really asked and Ed already knows, but I want you all to be in on the inner working of me.  Pay attention there will be a quiz later.  Or not, because that sounds like a lot of work.  Okay my peeps (every time I type that I think of those marshmallow peeps you get at Easter - that they now make for other Holidays too - that I absolutely cannot stand but hubs loves) so for today I am going to tell you 13 of things about me (I will come back and fill in the number after I run out of thing to bore you enlighten your day with.   My annoying 7th Grade English teacher is in my head yelling "Run-on, Run-on, Run-on", because obviously that would make me want to fix the error of my ways.  Or maybe I will just leave it never can mind wanders.  Yay...I remembered!

Without further adieu...
  1. I am a nerd.  I have no problems pouring over old True Crime books (and have a 3" thick one on my night stand right now) and used to be addicted to Court TV - before they changed to TruTV and became lame-o.  I can think of nothing better than going back to college to get a degree focusing around forensics (not the greatest idea lately when local crime lab is gettin' national attention in a bad way (i.e. Houston).
  2. I do not like ice cream (hey where did everyone go...its not like I said I shoot puppies).  I am guessing my aversion to the sweet creamy stuff has something to do with my dislike of most things dairy (except cheese...gotta love the cheese).  That and I'm not a huge fan of sweets.
  3. I am addicted to salty things.  Chips, fries, popcorn.  I love them all.  Do NOT leave me alone in a room with them.  They may (will) be gone when you return.
  4. I do not like to talk on the phone (okay or really off the phone).  Most of my family have to call me for a short convo every few months just to make sure I'm still kickin'.  Now all bets are off if I've had a drink or two.  Nope, then you can't shut me up (and I may forget to edit myself so much - but that belongs in a  post all itself)!
  5. I was born in the 80's (1980 to be exact) and have a love (read: obsession) for things in that decade.  Despite this love, these things expired in the 80's and should stay there (Brett Michaels, shoulder pads, tutu skirts over leggings, need I continue...'cause I can)
  6. I am afraid of ducks.  When I was about 15 I took my baby brother to one of the ponds in our neighborhood to feed the ducks.  When we ran out of bread, I picked him up to leave (he was only 3), the ducks got kinda pissed I guess 'cause they came chasin' after me nipping at my feet and legs the their evil orange beaks.  I have not let this detract from my own children's right of passage to feed the creatures.  We just always make sure I have a good amount of space between myself and them.
  7. I am the oldest of 7 (however none of us share both of the same parents and 1 is a step).  Here is the order of things: Cara (me - duh), Leah (step), Andrea, David, Stuart, Jennifer, Brian (last 2 are twins).
  8. I like to sew.  Why yes I am an old fogie, thanks for noticing.  When Angelique was little (and I didn't work so I had some time) I made dresses for her.  I even made her first 2 Halloween costumes.  I have pics, just not here.  Mayhaps when I get my external HD back from the in-laws I will find some.
  9. I have taken apart a motorcycle.  When we lived in FL (I hate that place - rained every F-in day) hubs was in motorcycle mechanics school and would occasionally do some work for extra money.  So to spend time with him, I wrenched too.
  10. PhotobucketI was very pregnant (7-1/2 mo) during my wedding (and I wore white - the horrors).  Yes, people talked and you know what, they didn't have to be there "you are welcome to leave the present time you will learn to whisper"!  Not only that, we decided we were going to have a FUN wedding.  Renaissance/Biker theme on the books and our friends are still talking about it 7 years later.
  11. I was one of those rather annoying people who only gain the "right" amount when pregnant, but am now paying for it nearly 4 years post partum and being heavier than I ever was preggo.  Damn hormones - I'm gonna blame it on the Mirena (even though they say it doesn't have any known side-effects).
  12. I am stubborn.  No, really...I refuse to see a doctor till I'm on my death-bed.  I waited 2 days (till we got home) after a 4-wheeler accident in Puerta Vallarta in which I thought I broke my writs.  They said I didn't break it but it was a severe sprain so I wore the brace for 2 weeks but did not rest it (I went back to work 5 days after the accident where I type all day).  Now 15 months later it is not completely healed, as in I cannot get into the pushup position (not that I want to) without extreme pain and I am still refusing to see a doctor.
  13. I don't really have regular friends.  Mostly I have aquaintances and best friends.  I don't really open up to people until I really trust them and then they have no chance of getting away.  I will just stalk them until they realize I am not going anywhere and subject to the fact that I am in their life forever!  Like ED (although I am beginning to believe our combined crazies have developed a co-dependence)!

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