Sep 22, 2009

Why Did I Get Up Today?

Today was one of those days where my biggest desire is to pull the covers over my head and snooze till noon.  Then curl up in the corner of the couch with whatever suspense novel I have on hand.  Even if it is one of read before.  Alas, that is not to be (and has not been for several years) as I have children who want my attention - can you imagine?  What selfish little people!  Add to that my husband hates for me to read because "it's like you're not even here".  Hello...that's the point of a great novel.  Escapism.

Anyway today was one that you can feel in your bones in the morning that it is going to be against you at every turn.  I got up and got moving to get to work early to try to make up some time for coming in late while Clint was out of town and I had to take the kids to school every morning.  The rain started (and I do mean down poured) as I turned onto the street that my office was on.  Of course I was wearing a kicky little dress (but still office appropriate) and sling back peep toe heels (that are 1/2 a size too small just so they will stay on my narrow feet) and had to run across the parking lot.  I had left my hair down - which I never do - to have my waves kick in and frizz all over the place.  I am very thankful I had a pony tail holder with me - because I could obviously handle having wet feet and my dress plastered to me showing off all the flaws that the dress hides when worn dry, but my hair was not going to act like the lions mane it prefers to be in high humidity.

I made it through the morning of data entry hell fairly unscathed, ate my crappy lunch of a light hot pocket and steamed veggies.  Barf.  Right after I finished eating my gourmet meal my work cell rang (it never does that) and it was Leaky's school.  She is in the nurses office for the second time that day with a stomach ache and the outrageoulsy high fever of 99.1.  So after telling a coworker to tell my boss why I left - because I couldn't find him, I packed up my computer and made my way there.  Now, the last time I got a sick call (last year) it was also raining and my car broke down on the highway on the way to the school.  I was surely saying a little prayer as I climbed into my truck.  Once home with my sickly child (who was in fact running her normal below average 97.8) I realized my father-in-law had come over to work on our bathroom.  It was definately a highlight of my day to see that I have a ceiling, 3 walls, and spackle done.  As I set up my computer at the house to work on some more entry work my F-I-L decided he need to make a Walmart run to pick up some electrical outlets.  Of course he returned with Double Stuf Oreos and 4 pints of ice cream.  So much for dieting.

The light at the end of the tunnel.  Today was not all bad.  We finally had a refrigerator repair man come to look at our inside refrigerator that has been keeping a steady 60 degree temperature since the hurricane this time last year.  That and this all day rain that has been a thorn in my side means that cooler weather is on its way.  Usually I am all about summer time, but this year was an absolute scortcher and I am looking forward to fall.  I was very tempted in Garden Ridge over the weekend to stock up on spicy candles and fall wreaths.  So as I sit here at my computer in my sweats (I was still chilled from the rain) I am praying for a better day tomorrow and for the rain to give me a little break when I have to be outside.

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kyslp said...

I hope tomorrow is better for you!