Oct 5, 2009

Family Is Priority

I have always felt that family comes first. I suppose that is why I am spending the majority of my day in my vehicle with 5 other people. My brother-in-law's deployment ceremony was this evening.

I got the phone call from my mom last Saturday morning to ask if we would be able to attend and to express her disapppointment that our extended family not only would not be there, but had failed to even call or e-mail her to show their support for her when she is getting ready to send her husband to war.

My sister and I have never been really close. My dad and her mom (who I consider my mom) got together when I was 6 and she was 3. For a long time I felt she and I were treated differently growing up, and I suppose we were, but we also had different circumstances with our parents. Dispite that we don't have a close sister type relationship I felt it was only right for us to go and support both her and her husband. I cleared it with Clint and volunteered for us to drive since our vehicle is large enough to seat everyone who would be going.

We found out the following day one of our best friends (who is also my boss) was celebrating his birthday the same night. I had to deal with a pouting husband for a few days but stuck to my resolve that we were going to keep our commitment to family.

As this trip draws to an end I am torn about the decision I made. I do believe family comes first and that it was very important to see JD before he left for a place where there is a real possibility he may not return. I also think he aprieciated us coming up to the ceremony. On the other hand my sister was so rude to every one at every turn (which is typical for her). I knew ahead of time to expect it, that's the way she is. What I did not expect was for her to yell at mom for not having her camera fully charged; for her to flip over being called one of moms kids because she is an adult; and to get up during the ceremony walk over to mom, thrust the camera at her and tell her the memory card is full, she needed to get the other one NOW! Because she was missing it. Did I mention mom was crying before this happened because it hurt her to see her daughter crying. I had to restrain myself from knocking some sense (respect, caring, couth) into her. But it most certianly wasn't the time or place. I found it very difficult to take the high road today.

I will end this rather long and ranting post qwith a photo of the 141st infantry regiment in formation that I took with my phone (the same kind, ironically, that my sister has).

To our troops, be safe over there and return to those who love you safely. My family will be praying for you every day!

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kyslp said...

Good for you. You did take the high road. You are a better person than I am. (Of course, that doesn't take much.)