Oct 6, 2009

My House Is In Bed With Home Depot

I truly belive evil forces are at work here. My house is screwin' the Depot and has made a pact with it to cost me as much money as possible. I might as well walk into HD with my paycheck each week and just hand it over.

Disclaimer: my home was built in 1978 and was in double foreclosure when we purchased it almost 5 years ago. But we fell in love with the 3 phase wooden deck and gazebo. Since we love being outdoors we knew this would be a good fit for us and we would make updates to the house as we went along.  Through my not working while on maternity leave, my hubs taking jobs that turned out to pay crappy, and just being gone all the time not much had gotten done.  Hurricane Rita and Ike had forced our hand here and there, but other than replacing the fence (twice) we didn't really dig into our home renovations.  That changed this summer.

On the 4th of July I discovered water seeping out of the wall in my kids bathroom when I went to investigate a funny smell (hey, it happens - it is the kids bathroom). A trip to the attic determined that the a/c drip pan had overflowed due to a clogged drain line. As the clean up got started it was found that 3/4 of the sheetrock was soaked through as well as the insulation so we gutted the room. It was a good excuse to start the upgrades needed to our home to get ready to sell in a few more years.

We started getting our hands dirty and getting down to business a few weeks ago. We've done (purchased) the following things: sheetrock, tile, and wall texture (I can't believe I can now do all these things - well except for the sheetrock part). We still have to replace the toilet, tub walls, and cabinetry/sink and paint.  And this is just a 60 square foot room!  We still have the rest of the house to go!  I don't want to get too ahead of myself but I think we will tackle the master bathroom next.  Why not...I'm on a roll.

Well at the same time we are steadily occupied with our work in the bathroom, we finally decide to call a repair man to fix our inside refrigerator (that maintained a steady temperature in the high 50's until a few weeks ago).  Then a week ago the garbage disposal took a dump - literally.  I turned on the sink to have water flowing out at my feet from under my kitchen cabinets.  So that had to be replaced also.  During this process we discovered that an odd type of plumbing was used in our home and that the threads on plumbing connections bought at the store do not match (we have yet to find out what type of piping this is or where we can find replacement pieces).

For the moment I am crossing my fingers, praying, and stocking up on super glue in the hopes that nothing else breaks until we are ready to tackle that room of our home.  My wallet already has moths flying from its empty depths.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Redoing our kitchen/dining room area required a recent trip to the HD. I told the Evil Twin he should get a part time job there, so we could get the employee discount! LOL. We have been in our house for 5 yrs. So far, we have removed every bit of wallpaper and repainted almost every surface (the hallway to the basement and bathroom downstairs are the only places left), pulled up the carpet in the main rooms and had the original oak hardwoods refinished, replaced the kitchen flooring with porcelain tile, gutted and completely remodeled one bathroom, replaced the toilet and sink in the half bath, replaced all the carpet on the lower level, and changed out several light fixtures. I have 4 more to change out. And then I'm finished. I think. LOL.


when it rains it pours - same here - our house was built in 1950 and it seems like when one thing goes, 10 things decide to go at the exact same time!

Amy said...

Wow, what a mess! Isn't it just lovely how these things just seem to snow ball all at once!

home materials are EXPENSIVE!!! We are currently building (yes, I have completely lost my mind!) a house and I am floored (no pun intended, seriously) at the price of things.

Good luck to you!!

kyslp said...

When I get these kids out of the nest, I swear I'm going back to renting.