Oct 12, 2009


In the word of Tigger (yes I know my life revolves around child programming) Ta-ta for now. Actually I hope that is not the case but I have just returned to the field which means absolutely insane hours and complete lack of sanity where I am concerned. I work in the chemical and refinery industury for a companyu that in essence performs repairs, builds, and does preventative maintenance in the plants. I cannot even take my phone to the location I am working now because it has a camera.

I am hoping to be able to keep up with my blog while on this job - which will be limited to a 72 hour work week in comparison to th 91 hour weeks I was pulling in Feb and Mar - it is still a struggle even to stay on top of my laundry pile yet alone log onto the world wide web.

I usually try to comment on each blog I read, but even just finding the time to read all your tales that brighten my days has already become diffict. I vow (with or without crossed fingers - you be the judge I will do as much as I possibly can.


Aunt Becky said...

Good luck! I'll be waiting for you to return!

The Harrell Family Adventures said...

so when are you returning???