Nov 17, 2009

7 Year Itch?

Yesterday was my seventh anniversary!

I had intended to get on here and tell you all about my wonderful husband yesterday, but I had a reaaly busy and rough day at work.  Let's just say one of the craftsmen didn't like the colors on their schedule printout (blue, a lighter blue - maybe a little lavender, green, and gray)  I told him I could always make it pink just for him, and he threatened to slash my tires...I still have no idea if he was joking or not!  Needless to say his schedule was not pink this morning.  It was red and bright yellow, which are completely nausiating (sp?) to stare at on my computer for a 12+ hour work day!

Back to the important stuff...From our first date to the present Clint has never failed to make life intersting.  He is my polar opposite.  Loud for my quiet; outgoing for my shyness; and confrontational for my desire to sweep everything under the carpet.  He is my perfect match and the love of my life.  My friends who have been married for 9 years say "it feels like 9 minutes...under water"!  I can't say that even joking.  We still want the same things out of life, for our children, and in faith!

So after 7 years there may have been some moments of chafing here and there, but there is definately no "7 Year Itch"!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

kys said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the picture!