Jan 7, 2010


I have been feeling under the weather a bit this week. I am well aware of the cause since it tends to happen every year at the same time. My allergies will get the best of me, causing sinus drainage. This leads to at least one of the following: sore throught, uper repiratory infection, ear infection, or sinus infection.

I tend to be adament about not going to the doctor. My husband has asked me 3 times since last night if/when I am going. My excuse for the moment is "When?" I don't have sick time and it would take me an hour each way from work to go have a doctor tell me what I already know. Not only that, I hate taking medices. With the exception of antibiotics, I end up thowing away mostly full bottles of prescriptions cough syrups and the like because they expire before the next time I get desperate enough to use one.

Digging through the catch-all medicine, soap, razor, etc. drawer last night I found my inhaler, antihistimine, and other nice things to try to curb my symptoms before they get serious. I stared taking the antihistimine last night. I guess if I can curb the cause of my other symptoms I can kick this thing in the ass. At least I'm really hoping so since I am hosting a birthday party/sleepover with 7 year old girls on my own Saturday night. I bought my son and husband tickets to Monster Jam the same night as the party so Christian (4) wouldn't be in the middle of the girls. The last think I wanted to hear all night long was "Christian won't leave us alone!". Now that I think about it, I really could use the help of another adult.

Update:  Maybe I do need to see a doctor.  Someone walking through the hall just stopped and asked me if I was ok.  No, I wasn't coughing.  He said my eyes are so blood shot I look like I've been closed up in my office smoking a fatty!  His words not mine.

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