Jan 26, 2010

Disconnected and It Felt So Good

One of my goals on my list of 29 things to do before I turn 30 (which is now less than a month away!) was to blog every day for a full month.  I was doing pretty well with this line item too.  I started just before the new year and posted at least a few words every day up until the 21st.  That was a bit of a difficult day for me, but I still put up a little post.

Then I was off work on Friday.  And in my obsessive compulsive way, I decided to make my day off with no kids the day that all the laundry would be done, bathrooms would be cleaned, furniture would be dusted.  When I got it all done, then I would do something for me like get my nails done or my eyebrows waxed.  Can you guess what I didn't get to.  Luckily the eyebrows are not to uni-brow stage yet and they can wait.  We had a meeting at karate for my daughter and didn't get back home until late.  By that point I was completely exhausted and made a command decision that I would not be getting my laptop out of my bag for the whole weekend.  I wanted to disconnect for a while and just be with my family.  My Blackberry remained blessedly silent as well.

My in-laws came over Saturday morning to help work on our still in progress guest bathroom.  As the walls got sanded and the house filled with dust (that is coating everything in my just dusted home) I had to get the kids (one asthmatic) out of the house.  We ran around, rode bikes, played catch and I even surprised my daughter (and myself) by showing her that yes, I could indeed do cartwheels and round-offs.

Of course we got out of the house for awhile when the work was done for the day and went to test drive a BMW - used of course, that we may buy a similar model when my car sells.  BTW anyone interested in buying a 1997 Cobra Mustang Convertible in Pacific Green?  No?  Okay, just had to put it out there.  I love my car and I am sad to see it have to go, but Clint is having to drive a lot lately and it is putting too many miles on the Expedition which was intended to just be a road trip and run the kids to school vehicle.  So now we need something within 7 years of new (work rules for vehicle allowance), something that gets good gas mileage, and since I am giving up my sports car that was a birthday present 2 years ago - something sporty.  Did I mention my working 2 months straight of 13 hours a day, 7 days a week paid cash for that birthday present.  And that my Christmas present and birthday presents last year were the stereo system and rims and sport tires for it.  I am giving up a lot of the best presents I ever got here!

I know I am all over the place today, but I guess the main point is sometimes I just really need to disconnect and know that it will all be here waiting for me when I get back.  Especially in my reader yesterday.  I had a lot of commenting to catch up on!


Amy said...

Good for you! Sometimes a break from the Internet is just what you need!

I'm cringing about all the dust on your newly dusted home! UGH!!! Oh, well...at least you're closer to the guest bath being finished:)

Erin said...

I definitely need to disconnect more often. I'm a little OCD about the blogging thing, though!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We all need a break sometimes. I took some time "off" during the holidays to spend with my family... And, if you can't catch up, just start with the most recent and go from there! No one will know! :-)

ModernMom said...

Oh I so so agre. It is so important to slow down and unplug. It's just so hard to do:)