Jan 20, 2010

Does This Torture Have A Purpose

I am starting a lifestyle change (No, I am not switching to the other side. I am going on a diet, but if we call it that it will never work).  Lets start with the reason that makes this necessary.  Actually it might be easier to show you a picture comparison.  Consider yourself lucky that I have a little shame left, because my father in law is camera happy and there are bikini  pictures from the second set **shudder**  These photos were only taken 2 years apart.  In that 2 years I gained more than 40 lbs.  Is that not absolutely crazy.

(No I do not always wear a baseball hat... it was crazy hot in both places & I needed to hide nasty hair)

I am definitely trying to do this the healthy way.  No unrealistic goals.  My first goal is just 5 lbs and I have more than a month to accomplish it.  So, I have started eating better (I track my exercise and food intake on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ - so easy) with lots of whole grain, fresh fruits and vegetables, and very little sugar.  And my daughter (yes the one shown) is acting as my trainer.  Please do not tell her people get paid lots of money for what I have convinced her to do for free.  We did our first workout session on Monday in the street in front of the house.  Let me tell you what, if she decides to pursue this career she will be successful because it hurts to walk right now.

I want to stay proactive in my efforts to loose all this weight.  I need some ideas for other things to do in order to keep it fresh.  I have considered workout DVD's, but the one's I used after my son was born was super cheesy.  I know Evil Twin's Wife is doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, but from what I have seen of her she is mean (Jillian Michaels not Evil Twin's Wife)!  Anyhoodle what do you suggest?


Erin said...

I am a total klutz. I do not like mirrors. I LOVE JAZZERCISE. It is roughly $40 per month and they have babysitting there for the kids. No mirrors. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I love it.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That DVD is brutal, but I did the entire Level 1 today!

ModernMom said...

My fave thing. The treadmill while I watch some stupid daytime TV. Nothing motivates like watching those skinny girls in their designer clothes:)

Amy said...

Yay, Cara! I think it's great that you're incorporating some exercise into your lifestyle. My husband and I are very active and participate in races and triathlons. It keeps training for these events interesting and we stay healthy in the process.

Just remember that as long as you stick with it, the work gets easier. I can remember (not so long ago) when running a mile was like trying to climb a mountain. Now, next month I will be doing a half marathon. STICK WITH IT!!!

Oh, and if you don't already read Terri's blog, check it out!


She's a mommy of two who lost 30 lbs last year. She frequently writes about health and fitness plus...she's hilarious!

Good luck:)

Tracie said...

I'm hooked up with the Lose It Bitches. There are lots of good tips on that site. Have you seen Spark People? It's got a lot of good info on it.