Jan 8, 2010

Everyone Has Their Own Special Talent...

...maybe one day I will figure out what mine is.  I am aware that I have talents.  Even talents that help others.  But that knowledge really doesn't always keep me from feeling jealous of the talents of others.  My own talents include:
  • listening - I am a great listener and don't feel the need to interject my 2 cents with every sentence you say
  • watching - I tend to be more focused on details than some others because I am content to sit back and watch (most of the time) and observe the world around me
  • organizing - I once would have considered myself a neat freak...my kids and husband have taken care of that, because I just can't keep up.   However, my closet is still has the shirts organized by sleeve length then color.
  • cleaning - kitchen, potty, and bath need to be clean to be used without me getting the heebie-jeebies.
Somehow professing that my special talent in life is cleaning doesn't sound nearly as glamorous or exciting as I can sing, play ________ instrument, draw, create.  I sometime wonder if my talents would be more expansive if there had been more support for my interest growing up.  Many of the things I was interested in were put down, or down right turned down.  I ran track - morning and after school practice was inconvenient, I was in debate - that won't take you anywhere, I was asked not to sing because I "couldn't carry a tune in a bucket"  I guess because of all this I don't every want to discourage my kids in anything that they set their hearts on doing.

My only requirement for them is they keep their grades up because school comes first and to get a collage education.  Because being a tattoo artist would probably be a ton of fun, but it would be better to own your own shop and manage it well.

And yes that is one of my daughters aspirations.


kys said...

Being a good listener is def a talent not everyone has. And there is nothing wrong with cleaning, organizing or being observant.

I haven't discovered my talent, yet. Then again, I haven't looked too hard either.

m.c. said...

you left "writing" off your list of talents...