Jan 3, 2010

Farewell to another Christmas break

The tree and all festive decorations have been lugged back into the attic (as revealed in my back pain). Today marks the final day of extended weekends off work fort the grown ups in our home and the last hours of Christmas vacation for the kiddos (mommy is thrilled - kids not so much).

We have accomplished quite a bit around the house. While I was de-Chistmasing the home, Clint and his step dad were hanging the over the stove microwave. I am so glad to have some extra counter space and to have the ugly 1970's vent hood out of my house. The beadboard is up in part of the bathroom, the new toilet is in and the walls and ceiling are textured. The kids rooms are clean and I finally threw away the Halloween candy. I am now vegging out on the couch. I have no intention to do anything else today except maybe whip up something supah simple for dinner. Maybe frozen pizza (I know awesome parenting).

I am looking forward to the kids returning to school and going back to work tomorrow.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sometimes dinner around here is corndogs or Spaghettios (for the kids, not me - GAG). The Evil Twin has been home for 16 days and my son has been out of school for a week and a half and I am really not looking forward to going back to the same old routine. :-(