Jan 27, 2010

A Great Pair of Jean...An Oxymoron?

Only if you make it "A great pair of affordable jeans".  I have always had a problem finding just the right fit with jeans.  When I was younger (and skinnier) I had the issue of if they were long enough, they were huge in the waist.  Even as a child.  My moms solution to the problem of keeping my pants up was to buy the ones that were too short.  I was made fun of endlessly for it.  I thank the heavens (and children's clothing manufacturers) for designing the adjustable waist pants.  Otherwise I would have the very same dilemma on my hands with my own children.

In my teenage years I discovered that men's Levi's were sized by waist measurement and length.  What an extraordinary concept.  Now (assuming I could find them) I could buy a pair of jeans in a 27x34.  The only problem I found after this miracle of sizing genius was that my dad wore the same size and our jeans would get mixed up in the laundry.  Sharpie put and end to that.

Unfortunately, as I aged, so did my waistline and (for me) Levi's seemed to be making their product with less quality - my belt loops were coming off, pockets were making holes at the edges (showing off my undergarment choice for the day), or the crotch just giving out.  So it was back to the jeans made for women and with some stretch in them.  As I have gained weight my options have slimmed considerably and I find myself back into jeans that are too short, because for some reason stores do not carry very many long sizes for a size 14.  I know that I could order jeans online, but I am repulsed by the idea since 9 out of every 10 pairs I try on Don't Fit.

A few weeks ago I told Clint that I really needed to buy some new jeans.  I was down to only 3 pairs and I wear them to work every day.  So I steeled up my courage and off the the dressing room at GAP.  Now I cringe at the idea of spending $60 on a pair of jeans, but they last longer than the other brands and in the long run end up being the better investment.  I was jumping up and down in the changing room (making my little girl stare at me funny...because she just has to go with me and judge my muffin).  I couldn't help myself.  I had found a pair of jeans, not in their curvy line, IN A SIZE 12 LONG, that fit me with a very minimal muffin top and I am working hard to make that go away.  Of course I purchased one pair and I smile every time I slip them on.

Off we went after that to window shop when my husband suggests we go into Buckle to see if we can find another pair of jeans for me.  Most of our friends shop at the Buckle regularly, but I find most of their prices excessive.  I resisted, because the one extra pair would do me until I could loose a little more weight and get into a smaller size.  But he insisted.  You see, I am a cheap ass who does not like to spend money, while my husband feels like it is burning a hole in his pocket.  I do have to say I was very pleased with the service we received in the store.  Brad, my salesperson found out what style I was looking for and what kind of fit.  He brought me about 10 different pairs of jeans before I found just the right one.  Unfortunately, the right one was $100!!!  I just can't do it!  But Clint can and he bought the jeans while I stood nervously at the front of the store.

I haven't worn them yet.  I think I am afraid to get something on them, or that I will shrink them in the laundry.  I guess I just need to get over myself.  The money is spent and the jeans are sitting lonely in my dresser.  What do you think?  Would you splurge to get the perfect pair of jeans?


Amy said...

I would and I have!!!!

I've always had issues with jeans because they stretch out and don't hug my body unless they've just come out of the dryer.

After my son was born, I told my husband that I was investing in a pair of designer jeans once I lost all the baby weight. B/c most of the designer jeans go by waist and length sizes not 2-4-6-8.

So, when I was back to my pre-baby weight, I went to the designer jeans store and spent an OBSCENE amount of money! I'm embarrassed to admit it really. (It was double what you spent at Buckle)

I know, I know...it's insane! But that was a year and a half ago and I wear these jeans all.the.time! They are so well made (better be for that price!) and they fit perfectly. Paige is actually the brand.

It's not something I can do often, but if you can invest in a good pair they will last a long time and make you look great:)

Kiera said...

yes yes yes!~ Gap jeans for me are where the money is! It's so worth feeling good- things that fit make me happier, and you know how that goes- if mommy's happy, everyone else is too!

Erin said...

I share your issues. I have resisted buying designer jeans...and have little luck with others I've bought. My weight fluctuates, so I have sizes 8 & 10 in my closet now. WHich is so frustrating.

Why don't you go ahead and wear the Buckle jeans so you can do a review and help out the rest of us who are struggling!?!?!?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I shopped at the Gap when I was pregnant with my 2nd child...That was the only place I could find size 4 tall maternity jeans. I have good luck with Old Navy jeans too (and they're reasonably priced), but at this point, their 4s are too tight and the 6s too loose. So, I do the 6 with a belt. I refuse to buy capri pants because of all the high waters I wore growing up! Ugh!

yawkar618 said...

I swear you're my shopping twin ;)
I only buy clothes on sale... and that's when they're 50 or 75% off. I just can't even think of paying full price for clothing when I know they're gonna hack the price waaaaay down!
I bought 2 pairs of jeans from old navy a little while ago for $30. And then found another pair for $9!
The only time I paid full price for a pair of jeans was when I still had a credit card for "express" and they were $148! I returned them 2 days later without even thinking.
B (hubby) has never been a label whore but I grew up with them. But I've come to realize that there are some really cute clothes out there that don't have a designer label. That and having a child has really made me realize the value of a dollar.
If you figure out how to tell your daughter taht designer labels really aren't all that they're made out to be, please let me know... I have a feeling my daughter will turn out the same way one day!