Jan 14, 2010

I Love to Work


No, I'm not joking.

Stop Laughing at me!

My husband made the comment sometime last year that it is an odd coincidence that if I am not busy and productive, I am not happy when I get home.  Really?  I have had the opportunity to delve into this in the last several months.  I am an oddity in my profession in that I don't travel.  I am not a chaser.  Most of the people I work with travel around the country, spending 3-4 months in one location until that job is finished.  Within 3 weeks of leaving that job, they have the next one lined out and are ready to go when they get released from the job they are on.  In my 3+ years in this industry I have worked only in 3 plants and in the office.

I am really lucky that my boss is also a friend and understands that at this point in my children's lives, I want to be here.  The problem becomes that when there is not an active turnaround going on, I am given either clerical work to get done (not that I can complain since I still get my normal pay) or I go into advance planning where there is no rush to get anything done.  These situations give me quite a bit of down time and can make me feel like I am unproductive.

Ironically this translates differently than even I would expect is to at home.  After a busy day at work (or days on turnaround) I am so tired from busting my butt all day and putting a good product out there, that I don't bother griping at the kids for leaving their wet towel in the middle of the floor or getting on to my husband for forgetting to take out the overflowing recycling.  When I am not busy at work, I have so much energy when I get home, that every where I look, there is something else I have to do before I can relax.  I have many nights where the only time I sit down is when I am eating.  Of course my husband can sit down and relax, so I end up irritated that I am working and he is not and that his dirty socks are there in the living room right next to the kids.

What do you think?  Do I need to beg my boss for more work in my slow times so I am nicer to both my family and myself when I'm at home?  Or do I just need medication?

On another sad note...don't forget to do what ever you can to support the relief efforts in Haiti.  One simple way to offer support is to text HAITI to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.  It will just be added to your next phone bill.  I know I can give up down-loading a handfull of songs on iTunes this month...can you?


The Harrell Family Adventures said...

Go for a run before or after work?? You said you wanted to get back into it.. or at least find a hobby :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Personally, I find great satisfaction in bitching at my husband and children.

Amy said...

I'm going through similar pains myself. I'm not sure that one is ever actually 100% happy with their career. And those that are make me disgustingly jealous!

Personally, I hate my job. I could make double somewhere else, but I work for my in laws which provides me with so much flexibility. It's a catch 22, so I just try to focus on the good aspects....which is usually easier said than done;)

Have a good weekend Cara!