Jan 29, 2010

Lying, Cheating & Sulking

Holy crap, it's payback time for my teenage angst.  But wait a minute, my kids aren't even teenagers yet!  They're not even pre-teens yet.  We are talking about a 4 year old and a 7 year old.

The title was a fitting description to just the first hour of my foray into my 4 day weekend as a single parent.  Clint left yesterday morning around 6 for some sales conference in Scottsdale, AZ.  And that is when all hell broke loose.  I raise my glass to all the real single parents out there in the world.  You deserve all the gratitude and praise that, unfortunately, you never seem to get.

In the mornings we are on a very strict time schedule to get everyone out the door and me to work.  If I am not in the gate by the turn of the half hour, I loose the whole half hour of work.  I.e. I walk in at 8:31 and I don't start getting paid till 9:00.  So yesterday morning, Leaky comes out of her room, not wearing what she had laid out, but something that I could swear she wore to school on Monday (I did not do laundry during the week).  When asked, she said no it came out of her closet.  I of course knew better and pulled the mommy guilt trip.  "Okay, I believe you, because I know you wouldn't fib to your mama!"  Guess who went back to change.  That takes another 15 minutes out of our morning.  Then its a rush to get hair brushed, teeth brushed and shoes on.  When the shoes go on there is another battle brewing (but one we have been fighting for years).  The girl won't wear socks.  It was a PE day so she had to wear tennis shoes, and in my opinion (and for the sake of everyone's nose at the end of the day) I insist she wears socks.  WWIII here we come.

Finally we are getting ourselves out the door scraping the second hands of being late when I see Christian slip something in his pocket.  He is only allowed to bring a toy to school on Friday.  I let it slide until I take him inside where I tell him I will hold it for him till the end of the day, so he will not get in trouble.  MAJOR MELTDOWN!  I could still hear him howling at the front desk (his class is at the back of the building).  I hate the days I leave him crying.  But I have a pouty little girl to get to school who is going to take off her socks the second she is out of my eyesight.

Last night was a story all on its own.  Between the grocery store, trying to cook dinner and a rocking chair flying around the house because it is hooked to my sons belt loop by a dog leash.  I nearly had a melt down of my own!  And this morning was more of the same with the added pressure of school picture day and torrential rain!  Yay!

God, give me the strength to make it through the rest of this weekend!


ModernMom said...

yikes! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger? Hang in there baby!

Tracie said...

They round your work time up to the nearest half hour??? That is crazy!

Hang in there. Sometimes being a mother is an endurance test.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I dread if the Evil Twin goes out of town....It's just pure chaos!

Anonymous said...

Some day you will look back on this and laugh I promise! God NEVER gives us more than we can handle just remember that...although it doesn't always feel like that.

yawkar618 said...

I couldn't imagine being a single parent. I often feel like it, like 29 out of the 30 days in the month! but I really don't think I could do it. So I'm with you, hats off to all the single moms out there!
And I'm sending some prayers that your remainder of time without your hubby goes much more smoothly!