Jan 19, 2010

My Legacy

I am accident prone. I hurt myself nearly every single day. It is usually minor, but we have had a few more serious accidents like shin burn on motorcycle exhaust and a severe wrist sprain from flipping a 4 wheeler going down a mountain in Mexico. It is absolutely amazing that I have never had a broken bone!

My tendencies to have a little pain here and there hardly ever bothers me (except in the serious cases). The main problem is that it seems my sweet little boy has inherited this unfortunate characteristic from me. The first of many incidents came when he was about 18 months old and tripped over a shoe into a glass coffee table on Father's Day. We had to wait 3 hours to see a doctor and then they used dermabond (medical grade super glue) to close the gash on his forehead. The glue did not hold very well so the scar was pretty thick for a while. It is finally starting to fade.

Last week alone there were 3 incidents that required the aid of an ice pack to reduce swelling. The first one he wasn't even awake for. It was nap time at school and his teacher was cleaning the counter tops when she hit the can of cleaner with the back of her arm. Well, can you guess where this is going. The can fell on my sweet sleeping little boy and busted his lip. I couldn't be too angry with the teacher, because it was an accident and he is ok. The worst of the incident was the shock for him being woken out of a deep sleep that way.

The same night, he and his sister were playing in his room when he tripped over a toy on the floor and went face first into the built-in book shelves. He hit high on his cheek bone and had a pretty nice shiner showing up by the following morning. Not 24 hours later he was bouncing around in my room when Clint told him to go pick out his book for his bedtime story. He got so excited he turned and started running at the same time. Right in to the post at the bottom of our bed. So, on the same eye that is already looking pretty blackened, he has a small cut just below his brow.

This all for my child who's favorite show is Nitro Circus and wants to do stunts on his bike. His Christmas wish list included a dirt bike, a hot rod and a jet ski. Thank you Santa for not honoring his request.

I am sure we have broken bones in our future. I just hope no one calls child services because that boy is always sporting several bruises!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I was just going to say, hope no one calls CPS!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like me: A bull in a china shop! :-)

Amy said...

I think it's just the nature of little boys. While I love the whole "zest for life" thing, I'm getting wayyy too many grey hairs for 31 over it!

Poor little guy...getting a can dropped on him when he's sleeping??? That's terrible:(