Jan 10, 2010

Party it up!

Wow!  I am exhausted.

The cake turned out pretty well.  I did get a little frustrated when the chocolate cake crumbles showed through the icing - I tried really hard to convince my daughter to get the white funfetti cake mix so that wouldn't happen, but she is a chocolate girl.  I disguised it a bit with star sprinkles that matched the star fruit roll ups on the sides.  Clint went a picked up the 2 girls of our friends who are out of town then headed out for a night of monster trucks with Christian.

I had about a half hour of down time when everything was ready before the rest of the girls got to the house and got the party under way.  My mother-in-law (God bless her) got here around that time.  Every time the doorbell rang all the girls would swarm me and the front door screaming - even for the pizza man.  The evening started with a group photo and pizza.  While they got started on eating, I ran to the drug store to get prints of the group photo.  I was a little discouraged that one of the girls, despite being in the digital frame, was cut out of the print.  We took another photo and will replace them later.  I would post one of the group shots, but I'm not sure how everyone's parents feel about their kids images on the inernet.

After I returned, we had cake and then split the girls into 2 groups.  The first group went to decorate their foam photo frames and the other group made necklaces, bracelets and painted their faces.  I also made several shades of icing for them to decorate their own sugar cookies along with sprinkles and writing icing tubes.  Each activity was interrupted with karaoke to Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana as well as cartwheels, round offs, hand stands and jumping around in general.  At some point presents were opened.

The original RSVP had only 3 of the girls spending the night, but the last 2 changed their minds so all 5 girls were staying.  As all the activities would down (around 9:30) my m-i-l headed out and I was on my own in chaos.  I moved the living room table and set up a huge pallet when the girls informed me they were going to do a pajama fashion show.  Some of those girls have their poses down!

I finally got all the girls to lay down and watch Beverly Hill Chihuahua.  Of course as soon as they were all down, they had to potty, wanted popcorn or needed a drink.  Clint got back home around 11:30.  Pretty soon after that  one of the girls was ready to go home.  We were expecting it since it was her first sleep over.  Next movie - Shrek.  At some point during this movie I passed out on the couch and the girls did the same.

Morning came way too soon, but I got up made coffee and cinnamon rolls.  I really am not sure if they more more difficult this morning or last night.  The main factor making this morning tough was Christian wanting to play with the girls, and them wanting him to stay out.  I definitely makes me glad that I arranged for him to be out of the house last night.

This afternoon Leaky informed me she wants to have all her parties here at the house from now on, so I guess it was a success.  It was certainly easier on my wallet, but if my sanity is to remain intact, I need to make sure I have more parental support next time!

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