Jan 2, 2010

Progress Report on To Do Before 30 List

1.  Blog everyday for a month - I have tried once before, but life kinda got in the way!   Starting this month... Jan 2.  Two days down, 29 to go!

2.  Ride a 4-wheeler on my own again. Since the accident in Mexico a year and a half ago I am a bit gun shy with riding solo.

3.  Related to the 4 wheeler accident - go to the Dr. and have my wrist checked. I really need to do this since I can't even bend my wrist enough to get into the push-up position - really I'm not sure not being able to do push ups is a problem, but my husband assures me it is.

4.  Try to play guitar hero...I plan on getting the house all to myself (yeah, like that is ever going to happen) and getting like pro level and then suprising my dear hubs with my mad skills...he won't ever see it coming (Clint...pretend you didn't read that)   No Guitar Hero yet, but I did try the Wii - maybe that counts since I don't play any video games.

5.  Spend an entire day with my kids laughing when I want to yell...I have a feeling this will be a tough one.   Maybe after holidays and Angelique's Bithday

6.  Try sushi again...I am not a big fan of any of it that actually has uncooked fish. I am cool with California rolls (which I have been informed are not real sushi), but I am commiting myself to try the real deal. If I die in the next few months, it will be from food poisoning!   Done!  I have officially had salmon sashimi, tuna, california rolls, and rock and roll.  I still did not like the salmon and tuna!  Clint informed me all sushi means is made with rice.  Clint had this.  It is some kind of caviar and he said it kind of explodes in you mouth.  Definately not trying that!

7.  Get a Kindle and load my book collection electronically. I am currently taking up 2 walls in my son's room with all my books (he has floor to ceiling book shelves on 3 walls) What!!! I'ts a small room!  Looking at the nook from Barnes and Noble, but it's not available till Feb 1st if it is ordered now!

8.  Finish the remodel on the kid's bahroom   2 Doors on, Bead board up in small room, toilet going in this weekend.

9.  Buy the tile for the rest of my house - before the discontinued stock sells out!

10.  Convince my boss to give me vacation/sick time. I do have to thank him for the pay raise...that happened after I started my list...Thanks Hermy!!!  No luck on this one yet

11.  Read Twilight...see what the fuss is about...not that I need to get another book addiction Would like to download this on my new e-reader, but might have to borrow from the library or buy at a used book store.

12.  Go on a wine tour...luckily we only live a few hours from some of the most beautiful wine country!

13.  Learn to cook something Thai. My hubs loves the spicy food, so I want to be able to make something for him...I know I am so selfless!!!   Told me last night he would rather have Vietnamese!

14.  Go see post Ike Galveston.

15.  Go to a New Orleans Mardi Gras post Katrina

16.  Make homeade cookies with both the kids...I am guessing this will not be the same day that I don't yell!

17.  Eat scallops...now that I know what they are, I am more inclined to try them. (FYI - they are typically circle cut outs of sting ray wings)  Done, can do without in the future.  Ok but nothin' special

 18.  Go shooting at a gun range  Clint got a new pistol for Christmas, so we are definately going.

19.  Get back into my sz 10's - I figure this size is more achievable than sz 6 in the amount of time I have - and yes, I am actually torturing myself with eating healthy to get there.

20.  Do better at keeping up with tithing

 21..Call my family members at least 2x a month. I am terrible at loosing touch with everyone, because I hate to talk on the phone!

 22.  Do something as a suprise for my hubs (If you are reading this...You never know when it could happen!) The watch I bought him for Christmas came as a huge shock to him.  He was definately suprised!

 23.  Run the Kemah bridge...I really need to start training for that one. I know there are clubs who get up early in the morning and do it, but I am usually on my way to work at that time of the morning (see 5 am) I bought new running shoes yesterday and the Nike+ sensor.  If it's not raining, I am going running after work today!

24.  Catch up on some of my TV shows...between working insane hours and having 78 gagillion things to do when I am actually off, my DVR is full!  Since the kids have been with their grandparents for a good part of the Christmas break, I have caught up on everything except for Sons of Anarchy.

25.  Wear makeup and fix my hair more than once a month. I feel better about how I look when I take the time to do it, but making the time doesn't happen very often. It's probably just because of the holidays, and having places to go, but I think I have fixed my hair and put on makeup about 5 times this month.

 26.  Get my nails done. I think they have been neglected since June aside from my half assed attemps to keep them decent enough for flip flops. Angelique and I went together the Saturday before Christmas to have mani/pedi's.  Sadly it is mostly chipped off now :(

 27.  Buy new couches and a table. We actually just bought the couch last week, but it was on my list before that!  The couch is in my living room (with a small spot of gum on it!).  The old table we are giving to Clint's sister this month so we can go get a new one.

28.  Have family portriats taken (or at least make the appointment). I know the photographer I want, and know she is pretty booked through the holiday season, and since I want outdoor photos, will probably wait for April!  I paid for a session fee through a Black Friday special on Homeshade Photography's webpage.  Now I just need to decide on the date.

29.  I am at a loss for this last one. There are plenty of things that I want to do, but the logistics of doing them before 30 make them unlikely. I am going to use one of them anyway. I want to visit my sister who lives in Wisconsin and her son who is only 5 days younger than mine. I haven't seen her in 23 years, but the why is a super long story and has a lot to do with Bio Mom!

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