Jan 4, 2010

Put it out Already!

I smoked my first cigarette at 14.  I had played with them at an earlier age when my parents weren't in the room.  Of course my sister and I were told they are bad for you.  They can make you really sick.  But, they were always right there in the house.  My parents obviously weren't too worried about the risks to smoking, why should I be?  My younger sister (by 3 years) had been smoking for nearly a year.  I would quit and pick the habit back up several times through high school - usually revolving around track season.  I never really had any trouble putting them down while in training.  After the end of track season my sophomore year I got a job and started working full time while still in school full time.  I made an attempt to stay in track the following year, but found it too difficult to maintain the workout and track meet schedule and work too (which was a requirement of my parents if I wanted to drive).  Unfortunately, this gave me no motivation to not smoke that year.

After that most of my smoking, and not smoking revolved around my relationships.  The following summer I started dating a guy who was 20 and worked off shore and smoked.  I no longer had to swipe the occasional pack from my dad's carton, or hope the clerk who didn't card was working when I ran out.  I had a boyfriend who (while in town) I could bum from, or convince him to buy me a pack.  That relationship ended a month before my 18th birthday so, I wasn't really without for long.  The next boyfriend (damn controlling ass) did not smoke, therefore I was not allowed to.  Of course I still did.  I wasn't about to let a guy tell me what I could and couldn't do.  There were constant fights about packs of smokes found in my glove box or purse.  My dear husband was my next serious relationship, and he had no problem with my nasty little habit, because he was a smoker too.  Now, I must clarify, I was a social smoker.  I wanted a smoke when I was drinking or hanging out with a group of friends who were smoking.  A pack would typically last a week (unless it was a weekend out).

I quit immediately when I first found out I was pregnant.  Weeks later, following the miscarriage and lonely Christmas, I was smoking more than ever.  It didn't take long for me to knock that back to just social smoking, and then quitting altogether when I realized I felt crappy every Monday morning after a weekend of smoking.  After that, I found out I was pregnant again, so Clint took to smoking in the bathroom directly under the exhaust fan.  He was most certainly a dedicated smoker.  I can't say that I haven't had one since I quit in the winter months of 2002, but they are few and far between.  Usually when I get the urge to smoke, I will have one, not be able to finish it, and remind myself why I gave it up to begin with.

Clint is now trying to quit.  There have been several attempts over the last several years (a nearly successful one after he nearly didn't wake up from surgery because of smoking - I didn't start nagging him to quit till this happened while we had a 1 month old), but he finds it harder to lay down the habit than I did.  All parts of life that are routine, have smoking attached to it for him.  He wants to smoke after eating, he has a smoke marker on the way home (the amount of time it takes him to drive the distance to smoke on last cigarette), and nearly all of our friends are smokers.   So far our kids have no idea that he smokes, but I don't count on that lasting long.  I can't definitively say the reason I started was because my parents smoked, but it did play a big part of it, and that is something I never want for my kids.  I want them to be those people who can say..."I never smoked".

So Internet, I need your help.  We need your help.  What can we do to make this attempt THE successful one to officially make the entire Smith household a non-smoking one?  Because I want my husband to be there with me when we give our children away, hold our grand-children, and hopefully some day great-grand children.


Rachel said...

The Doc told Dad that Chantix was awesome but it is expensive.. but NOTHING will work if he doesn't want to quit completely. That's what they keep telling him.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin quit almost 5 yrs ago cold turkey after a 16 or 17 yr, 2 pack a day habit. We talked about it for weeks before hand. I let him pick a date in advance and when that day rolled around, he smoked his last cig at midnight and hasn't had one since. Your husband just has to be READY to quit. And, stick to it. There are many great websites on quitting with lots of good tips and information! Good luck to him! :-)