Jan 16, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I love how my family spends Saturday mornings (assuming I am not working).  Everyone sleeps in.  Except me of course.  I am so used to getting up and going well before dawn that 7 am is sleeping in.  That usually gives me about an hour to catch up on a DVRed show that I can't watch when the kids are up.  The only other morning person in my house is my son.  He will typically join me about 8 and ask if he can have some coffee too.  Since I am a terrible mother who does not pay any attention to the reports that coffee stunts growth (tell that to my 4 yr old who is just a few inches shy and equal in weight to my 7 yr old) I pour him a quarter cup of coffee and fill the rest with milk and sugar.  Usually by nine, my late nighters have joined the living and my husband will whip up some pancakes, waffles (since he got a professional waffle iron for his b-day we have these a little more often), or omelets.  Bacon is mandatory.  The kids are not happy if there is no bacon on the menu for Saturday morning breakfast.  After eating is is time to get dressed and get out of the house.  Sometimes we leave not even knowing where exactly we are going, just that we need to go.  After all, we are the Gone Again Smiths, and who needs a clean bathroom anyway?  (I do, that's who...but I will find some time after work one day to scrub it down).

This for sure is a far cry from the way it was done when I was growing up.  Saturday morning was for cleaning.  If you were still in bed at 8, you can bet your ass someone was yelling that it was time to get your lazy butt movin'.  Eat yourself a bowl of cereal - you damn well better drink all the milk at the bottom of the bowl, because it is a waste if you don't.  I do NOT drink milk now.

No later than 8:30 the stereo went on with Saturday morning cleaning music.  Choice of options:  Heart or Barbra Streisand...both if it was a heavy cleaning day.  My sister and I were each assigned a living area and a bathroom we had to clean.  I typically got the living room and the upstairs full bathroom while she got the computer room and downstairs half bathroom (bitch).  During the summer months mowing the yard was an additional task on our plate.  Did I mention my mother was very particular about the way she wanted things done.  If you did not do one portion of the task at hand correctly, you had to redo the entire thing.  Bathrooms had to be the worst task on the planet.  The commode to be more specific.  See, my mom did not believe in using a toilet wand or gloves.  No sir.  That job had to be done by hand...with a sponge.  I am still scarred.  Nothing else was allowed to be done or planned for that time period.  You did absolutely nothing else until your chores were done and inspected.  And you better hope your room is spotless too or you can kiss that trip to the park Saturday afternoon goodbye. 

After 13 years (my dad and mom got together around the time I was 6 and I moved out just before my 19th) of that tight rope, I am happy to be able to let my kiddos weekends be about spending time together and having fun.  I definitely thing our Saturday mornings work out a lot better than the ones of my childhood.

A promise to my children...IF I ever make you clean the bathrooms, I will make sure you have both glove and the disposable toilet cleaner wand thingy.  See, I do love you guys!  But don't think for a minute that I won't treaten you with Barbra Streisand when your rooms can not be walked through.

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Amy said...

After living with my inlaws for the past 6 months while our house is being built, I have really come to miss *OUR* Saturday morning routines. They're very similar to your family's Saturdays...My husband always cooks a big breakfast and we lounge around a bit before heading out to start our day.

3 more months until my Saturdays are ours again.