Feb 9, 2010

Creative Juices

I don't really know what is going on in my head that has me back on the kick of a need to be creative and, well, create stuff.  Because, you know, I really don't already have enough to do.  Blogging was a really good start, but it is not feeding that creative drive in me.  Its more of me kind of just spewing out the BS in my head.

I have a family of creative people (both step, half, and real).  My bio-mom, dad, and mom were all in school bands (and one brother) and my dad even played the drums in a garage type band back in the day.  He had a shirt made for his band "performances" that said Drummers Do It in Rhythm.  I think I wore that shirt to sleep in from the time I was 4 until just last year when Clint finally convinced me it was time to let it go.  Bio-mom went to art school and can do graphic designing (one of my brothers is following this path and another is weighing it as an option).  A couple of my sisters were in choir and can play piano.  Does it seem like there's a lot of siblings here?  Well, there are.  I am the oldest of 7 (just none with the same parent combination - except the twins).

I tried my hand at drawing when I was younger.  In fact I spent most of Freshman Algebra drawing instead of listening to lectures.  I was decent, just nothing that had any wow factor to it.  I cannot sing to save my life (and was made aware of my lack of talent at a young age).  I tried to crochet with less than stellar results.  My efforts at decorating cakes for my kids birthday parties started out good, but quickly fell into me staying up all night before a party with tears of despair.  My dad started to teach me to play the drums when I was 10.  After my first few lessons though, he found out he was having a son, and the lessons ceased.  I used to make clothes for my daughter and her friends (when they were babies), but she is too old now and needs designer duds apparently.  Also, I don't have the time to do it now.

Right now my most creative I can get is working on my daughters school projects.  Last night was the Valentine's Box.  We ended up arguing because she didn't like what I had done (FYI...all I did was wrap the cereal box (required) in pink dot wrapping paper (the only paper in the house not Christmas themed).  Clint got upset with me because "I need to get to where she and I are friends so she will confide in me as she gets older".

So what are my options?  What can I do to release some of this creativeness all bottled up inside?


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You might want to try crochet (again) or knitting. My grandmother taught me to knit as a youngster and I just didn't get it. I took a class at the library a few years back and can actually make things! :-)

ModernMom said...

I am so not creative, but a lot of my girlfriends love scrap booking?

Amy said...

I say get back into drawing again. Get a sketch pad and just start sketching. Don't get flustered if it doesn't start out as what you intended. Just sit down and do it.

Also, the new rage around here is painting with a twist. You get together with a few friends, drink wine, and paint a picture. A professional guides you through it and it's really fun. I think there's a few locations in the Houston area too. Check out the website:)