Feb 23, 2010

Dinner With Ed

I think we have already established on this blog that my family is Springer worthy.  So to protect myself from jumping into the fray with the rest of the crazies I happen to be related to, I surround myself with my chosen family.  My friends are the people that I can share anything with and who see the real me.

On Friday night I went out to dinner with my oldest and best friend (and we brought our husbands too) to celebrate my upcoming b-day.  You may remember her as Ed.  We met as freshman in high school and despite crazy schedules, moving to other states, and many other obstacles we have remained close.

We had to get together early since she won't be able to make it to the big surprise blow out this weekend - she is going on a cruise.  I actually know now that we are going to Austin, but still have no clue what we are going to do while there.  We decided to go eat at a great Italian place called Vincents.  We sat in the back, drank, ate, caught up on what family and other friends have been up to and had a wonderful time.  Her husband has been working in Iraq and got to come home unexpectedly so it was an even better celebration to get to have him there too.  By the time we left there were only a few people left in the restaurant and the waiters kept coming back to check and see if we needed anything else.  Why no Mr. Waiter, we cannot take a hint.  We are having fun.

But eventually it was time to call it a night and drag our asses back to our own parts of town (which are unfortunately an hour apart).

I miss her a lot when we don't get to spend time together.  I love her and would do anything for her.  And she even made up for missing our Austin trip and taking a cruise that she did not invite me on (the nerve).  I am the proud owner of a gift certificate for not 1, but 2 massages!


Amy said...

I love dinners like that! No, I LIVE FOR DINNERS LIKE THAT:)

Also? I need an Ed! 2 massages? I am super jealous!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Are in Houston?? When you said Vincents...and then going to Austin...Cuz if you are...love Vincents..if it is houston that is. If not, then I just look like a big ass, but if you are in houston, then we HAVE to get together!

Erin said...

yes yes yes, you should have a houston meet up w/ Lee!

My favorite Italian place in New Orleans (my hometown) was also called VIncent's. I miss it a lot. Hubs & I had our first date there and also lingered too long when the waitstaff began giving us the stink eye....