Feb 22, 2010

Video Monday - Everyone Buckle Up

Okay, so I'm not typically a PSA type of gal, but this is one that I truly believe everyone should be aware of.  Do not just worry about yourself being buckled up in a car, don't go anywhere until everyone is secure.  The video shows just what can happen if only one person does not buckle up.  Warning:  It is fairly graphic.  I need to send this to my sister.  The one we drove to San Antonio in October for her husbands deployment ceremony.  One of the arguments on that day was about her not wearing her seat belt in the truck.  She thought she was fine since she was in the very back of the Expedition.  She had the nerve to argue with me about it with her dad in the car.  He is a quadriplegic from a car accident where he wasn't wearing a seat belt.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm sold. May I save this for anyone who is not?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing left to say after this... I am sold too! Thank you for this important message!

Tracie said...

I couldn't watch it because my kiddo is right here. But I was sold before I watched this.

I had a car wreck when I was in high school and broke the windshield and dashboard with my face. I was not wearing my seatbelt at the time. Needless to say, I have worn it ever since.