Mar 11, 2010

The Best Place (and time) To Turn 21

I don't have the pictures up yet from my Austin trip for my 30th (been a bit distracted lately), but I do have a tale of turning 21 in The Big Easy on Mardi Gras weekend.  Sorry, no pics of that one.  Even at 21 I knew not to leave any evidence behind.

Clint and I were still in the tentative days of our relationship.  Not for lack of trying on his part, but I was insistent that I wanted to date and have fun.  I hadn't really been single since I was 17 and I felt is was time to play a bit.  I think he called me on Valentine's Day just to say hi (I had made it clear that it would not be a date day for us).  When he called I was out shopping for something for myself to celebrate my b-day that was coming up in 10 days.  When I told him when it was, he said he was going to New Orleans and asked if I wanted to go.   I wasn't working or on call that weekend, so "Hell Yeah!"

We made the 5 hour drive out a few hours after two of his friends making the trip had already left.  We pulled in to Slidell (where we were meeting our friends) at 5 till midnight (and 5 till my b-day).  I rang in the new day with my first legal beer in my hand.  After that first drink we dropped off Clint's truck and jumped in the M III's jacked up Dodge truck and headed for the real party.  And when I say jacked up, I mean I had to have help getting in and I am 5'8".

The street was a blur of color and activity...then it was just a blur.  I had my first shot of Jagermeister that night.  It was quite sometime before I made that mistake again.  Around 4 am, we left Bourbon and headed for breakfast.  About the time we hit Canal, M III decided the truck was a shirt free zone (for some reason all the guys already had their shirts off in February).  Now, me being slutty, wasted, slutty and wasted a free spirit, I saw no problem with this and off went my sweater.  I put it back on when I got cold after a few minutes right before we pulled up to the window at McD's.

We stayed with Artigue's dad in Slidell who was either really nice to let us crash there, or just plain crazy.  He had a really cool house on Lake Pontchartrain that was originally a restaurant and had a beautiful 20 foot oak bar.  We slept for about 3 hours before it was time to get ready for the boat parade.  Clint had brought his boat out and we had to decorate it, stock it full of beads and have it in the water by 8.  I never thought being a part of a crewe would be so much fun.  I am sure it didn't hurt that we were drinking again before we ever got sober.

After the parade we went back out to Bourbon.  I don't remember much of the second day/night (more to do with that never getting sober part I guess).  But I know that during the whole weekend I probably slept a total of 5 hours and partied like a rock star.  There is no better way to ring in 21.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

That sounds *awesome*. I wish you did have pics. What a great birthday.

Salt said...

This is worlds cooler than my 21st birthday. Or what I can barely remember of it. It's a dream of mine to someday get to New Orleans!

Erin said...

I'm from New Orleans! Lived there all my life until 5 1/2 years ago....(insert sad face)

Sounds like you had an amazing time!